What are Bad Kids Schools Called?

Are you looking for help for a teen in crisis?

You may be asking yourself questions like, what are bad kids schools called?

And how can these schools help your teen find his way back to stability and good behavior?

Parents who are struggling with teens who are acting out, breaking the rules, taking part in delinquent behavior, using drugs, or running away may feel overwhelmed and helpless. You may start to look for schools that can handle their bad behavior, mainly if your teen is at risk of being expelled from school.

In truth, there is no such thing a bad kid. In these cases, most parents have a teen who is struggling and is in desperate need of the right kind of help. A school that offers a focus on helping your teen to find structure, safety, stability, and healing can be the answer your family is looking for.

Reframing your thinking

When you’re faced with a teen who is acting out and behaving in ways that take a toll on the rest of the family, it can be difficult to think of your troubled teen as anything other than a bad kid or troublemaker. These thoughts can be compounded by comments made by others, like teachers, coaches, and even law enforcement, when your teen is brought home after getting into trouble.

Giving your teen’s behavior some serious thought, you may be able to work out what could have triggered the downslide into poor decision-making and destructive behaviors.

Has your family recently moved to a new city or state?

Have there been major changes or upset at home?

Perhaps your teen has made new friends as a part of a peer group that has been a negative influence. There are several reasons your teen may find himself struggling. It’s important to recognize these reasons as a part of helping him.

What are bad kids schools called?

There are several options for parents looking to help their teens end the cycle of destructive behavior. Some teens can benefit from time away from home, spending time in a residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school. Sometimes referred to as alternative schools, each offers something different for the teen in crisis. Alternative schools can often be something else entirely, including virtual schools, and magnet or charter schools.

Teens struggling with a range of behavioral and mental health issues can better benefit from a therapeutic boarding school. Many schools can fall into this category, including military schools, with a therapeutic component.

Whether your teen will respond better to the structure and routine of a military-style school or one that embraces outdoor living, it’s important to find the right therapeutic boarding school. Meeting each of his needs is an essential part of ensuring that he can heal and recover in the right environment.

Can therapeutic boarding schools help your troubled teen?

If you have a troubled teen, there are good odds that you are all too familiar with how their behavior has taken a toll on them, on the family as a whole, and their education. Perhaps your teen has been caught skipping classes or not showing up for school at all. It could be that they’ve stopped doing any of their work or don’t study for tests. Their grades may have slipped significantly.

At a therapeutic boarding school, your teen will benefit from programs designed to help with these types of issues. Many have academic recovery programs that can help teens to get their education back on track.

Beyond helping teens make up missed credits and focusing on graduation, these academic programs often help teens with learning disabilities. Teens who have dyslexia, ADD, or ADHD will be able to get the focused attention that they simply won’t get in a traditional school setting.

The question of spirituality, religion, or neither

A large number of therapeutic and recovery programs tend to include a component of faith or spirituality. This can be helpful for teens, particularly those who have been raised in a religious home. It can help them to rediscover their connection with their faith and focus on it as they overcome certain behaviors.

With a combination of focused therapy, education, and faith, teens can achieve the long-lasting changes they need.

Not all therapeutic boarding schools will be faith-based, of course. Some schools will not integrate faith-based programs for teens who do not have a religious background or those for whom spirituality is not something they want to consider. If this is important to your teen and your family, be sure to mention it to your admissions counselors when you are researching your options.

Spirituality can undoubtedly be transformative for a teen who has been in crisis. They may also find that they get just as much of a transformation through their new support system and therapy.

Benefits of therapeutic boarding schools

Many issues may lead you to seek out a therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen. Each facility will have qualified mental wellness professionals who have the knowledge needed to help your teen with the struggles that he is facing.

Is a therapeutic boarding school the right choice for your family and your teen?

Therapeutic boarding schools can help your teen with:

  • Struggles with skipping
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Problems with anger, violence, or abuse
  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental illness
  • Concerns with lying, deceptive behavior, running away or stealing

If your teen is struggling with some or even all these concerns, you’ll find that a therapeutic boarding school can offer the help that they need.

It can be frustrating to live with a troubled teen who seems to be continually making poor decisions and behaving badly. It’s important to keep in mind that much of the troubling behavior is likely rooted in emotional and mental trauma. A therapeutic boarding school can help troubled teens to work through, overcome, and ultimately rise above their issues.

At Help Your Teen Now, we offer parents a way to connect with the resources they need to find the right solution to meet each of the needs of their teens.

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