1. Kids with ODD need more help than parents can give.

While most children go through a defiant phase, oppositional defiant disorder is a diagnosed condition for extreme behaviors that interfere with normal relationships between teens and their parents, peers and teachers. Teens with ODD need professional help and can really benefit from a quality ODD treatment program. At Help Your Teen Now, we can match you to some of the best ODD treatment programs in the country.

2. Not every ODD treatment facility is equal.

Different facilities employ a range of ODD treatment techniques and some facilities simply aren’t as well-run or well-staffed as others. ODD teens need consistently enforced rules, effective therapy and sincere care to overcome their challenges, so don’t make the mistake of choosing just any ODD treatment program. Help Your Teen Now carefully researches facilities, looking at the good and bad, and then recommends the best for your family.

3. Top ODD treatment programs are hard to find.

With so many therapy and treatment programs for ODD spread across the country, locating the right one that fits your child’s needs can take time and energy that most parents simply don’t have. Regulations vary from state to state, making it tricky to judge consistency and compare standards. Of course, each program’s website will highlight strengths, but to really find out what a program is like takes some digging. When you consult Help Your Teen Now, you’ll benefit from our hard work in screening ODD treatment programs for you.

4. Always check an ODD treatment programs references and referrals.

It’s difficult and time-consuming to do all the research needed to find high quality and effective ODD treatment programs. From checking on references and referrals to evaluating qualified staff members, you can quickly become overwhelmed at who to believe and what is the truth. Help Your Teen now carefully gathers references, referrals and success stories from parents and teens with actual experience in each program so you can feel confident in selecting a program.

5. Why you should trust Help Your Teen Now.

Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate group that is dedicated to making the search for a quality ODD treatment program easier and faster than ever. We want to provide resources for parents seeking to help their ODD teen, answer questions and ultimately do everything we can to ensure that your teen moves from a lifetime of challenges toward becoming a happy, productive adult. It wasn’t that long ago that we were right where you are now, with our own children. Help Your Teen Now understands, and we can help.

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