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HelpYourTeenNow is now open for guest posting from writers, individual bloggers, and parenting professionals.

HYTN is Accepting Guest Post Submissions

Here at HelpYourTeenNow, we are dedicated to helping families understand their options when it comes to finding help for their troubled teens, from discussing therapeutic boarding schools to explaining how teens can thrive in residential treatment centers. As a parent advocacy group, we provide our counseling services completely for free.

For years, we have focused on creating high-quality content about parenting teens for our site without any outside contributors. However, after many requests, HelpYourTeenNow has decided to open up and accept well-written guest posts.

We are looking for completely original content written by you. This content cannot be published anywhere else. Parents with personal experiences, bloggers, teachers, and others with professional experience working with troubled teens are invited to submit to HelpYourTeenNow.

Why Write For Us?

By writing for HelpYourTeenNow, you can:

  • Help struggling families learn new ways to help their troubled teens
  • Give your voice greater exposure and reach
  • Support a movement that focuses on bringing change
  • Share your work and expertise to our readers and through our channels

Guest Post Guidelines

To maintain the high standards we have for our site, before you submit to HelpYourTeenNow, you will want to make sure you can meet our guest posting guidelines.

Word count – We expected guest post submission to be at least 750 words, to help ensure the content is high-quality.

Originality is essential – Any content you submit to HYTN must be original, unique content that has not been posted or published anywhere else.

High-quality – We are only accepting quality content from our contributing writers. If you re-read your piece and aren’t sure if the quality is there, then you may want to edit until you feel confident before submitting to HYTN.

Topics accepted – HYTN is looking for all things related to parenting teenagers or conditions, and issues teens are currently facing. First-person narratives and other posts should be backed by applicable research.

Tone – Here at HYTN, we strive to connect with families by providing the information that they need. Your tone should be informational while remaining positive. It can be a tough balance when you are talking about parenting troubled teens, but it is what we expect from guest post contributors.

Spelling and grammar – Submissions must not have many grammar or spelling errors. While everyone is human, we do expect you to re-read and thoroughly edit your submission before you submit to HYTN.

Readability – To improve the readability of your piece, be sure to use the appropriate headers, bullet points, and other formatting tools to improve the delivery of your content.

Links – You are welcome to link to resources in the post you submit as long as the links are quality resources that enhance the piece overall and add value for readers. Guest post writers are NOT allowed to link to gambling sites, loan sites, pornography sites, e-commerce sites, or sites that also treat troubled teens such as rehab centers, boarding schools, etc. We reserve the right to strip inappropriate links before posting your content.

Interlinking – We expect to have at least 2 links to pages on HYTN’s website in your content.

Acceptance – To ensure that we continue to provide high-quality content to our readers, we reserve the right to reject any submitted content if it doesn’t conform to our contributor guidelines or maintain the quality and overall messaging direction of our website.

Editing – As we mentioned above, you need to edit your content critically before submitting to HYTN. However, we will also edit the article as we see fit.

How To Submit Your Guest Post To HelpYourTeenNow

As our audience is looking for specific information concerning parenting, it is best that you contact HelpYourTeenNow before you submit a completed article. That way, you don’t produce something that will be ultimately rejected if it doesn’t fit with the overall direction of our current content.

To start the HYTN submission process, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. In the contact form, you need to tell us several things:

  • Tell us about yourself. We would like to get to know you! You can talk about why you feel qualified to write for HYTN as well as your professional or private experience working with teens.
  • Send over 2-3 examples of your other published work. To help us gain a feel for how you write, we like to see at least 2-3 examples of work you have had published. It is even better if that published work also corresponds to what you want to write for us.
  • Your topic and direction for the guest post. To make sure that what you would like to write aligns with HYTN, we ask that you tell us about what topic you would like to talk about and the general direction of your article. We also recommend you include a working title, even if you end up altering the title a bit.

As we are a tight-knit crew here at HYTN, you may need to wait a week before receiving a confirmation on your topic and direction.

What Happens If Your Guest Post is Accepted

If we do approve of your article and choose to post it on our website, here are the steps you can expect to follow our approval:

  • Once you have submitted your completed article to us, we will contact you to inform you if we have decided to go forward with publishing your article.
  • Please send a 2-3 sentence bio and headshot with your article. This bio will be at the base of the article.
  • After we publish your guest post, you can expect us to send the article out through our social channels including things like facebook, twitter, etc. You must also share the post on your various social channels.

So, if you are ready to see if you have what it takes to write for HelpYourTeenNow, feel free to contact us today!

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