Q: My child has been seeing a therapist for months (maybe years in some cases) and I feel we’ve hit a wall. The behaviors aren’t getting any better and in some cases it’s getting worse. When this is brought to the attention of the therapist, the response is that long term treatment is too harsh and wants to continue working with my child. What do I do?

A: You know your child better than anyone. Even if you feel your therapist has made some improvements to your child’s behavior, if you haven’t seen marked changes, it may be time for a different approach. The programs we work with have therapists on staff that will continue a therapeutic approach with your child for long term behavioral changes. If you so choose, the therapeutic records can be shared with your family therapist upon program completion.


Q: Is the tuition at these boarding schools covered by medical insurance?

A: If you have a private medical insurance policy, chances are you may have some coverage at certain facilities in our network. There are certain steps and specific information that we will need to gather from you in order to give you a better idea if this is a possibility. The information you provide will be kept confidential through this step in the process. Please understand that while your insurance may pay a portion of the tuition, this is not a guarantee of payment. You will be responsible for paying the agreed upon monthly tuition regardless of what reimbursement you get from your insurance.


Q: Does location really matter?

A: To us, location is just a matter of geography. Did you know that there are several states that allow juveniles to check themselves out of treatment? Is your state one of these states? We want you to be more concerned about finding a program that meets the individual needs of your child… not where it’s located.

Will my child be exposed to worse behaviors?

Q: Is my child going to learn more about BAD behavior than he already knows if we choose one of your therapeutic schools?

A: This is where it becomes very important to pick the right program. A good program will separate out the group therapies by issue so that your child is not exposed to things that he/she has never had issues with in the past. Programs are not one size fits all, and that is where we come in to help.

Transportation Services:

Q: Is a transportation service available if we deem it necessary?

A: Transportation is available to most schools if your child is not willing to go on their own. This is a service that is extra in cost and starts at about $2000.00 and goes up from there. We work with long standing, reputable companies, so we can assist you with this process. Remember that some states are Child Rights states, meaning that if you keep them in that state, you cannot force them to stay in treatment. This is where it is important to ask the right questions. We can help inform you on the laws in your state.


Q: My child is on prescribed medicines. Is that okay?

A: Most licensed programs allow medications, but some do not. This is part of the screening process. Do not place your child in a Residential Treatment or Therapeutic boarding setting if they will not allow you to keep your child on their current medications. Most programs will make changes to these but it will be after an evaluation period, and you will be included in all of these changes.


Q: Do we represent all programs listed on the website?

A: We do not represent every school/program listed on the website. We provide the information as a resource to visitors of the website. If you are a school/program and would like to be added or taken off the website, please contact us.

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