Does Cost Dictate Quality of the Program?

The bottom line is – No. The cost of the program does not dictate the quality of the treatment your teen is receiving. More importantly, higher cost does not mean the program they provide will be a better option for your teen. All programs are different, and they use their own set of parameters, therapy guidelines, academic syllabus, and special activities with their students. Some are better in certain areas than others, such as dealing with patients facing severe anxiety, depression, or battling substance abuse and addiction.

Why Does The Cost Vary?

Besides the fact that a residential treatment center offers needed and effective treatment for teens, it’s also a business. Supply and demand often regulates the cost. There are schools that offer all the bells and whistles and can charge higher fees for enrollment for doing so. But the most important thing to focus on when choosing a program is NOT the comforts provided by the school but what their therapy and environment consist of for the best impact on your teen.

Cost can vary because the school is funded privately through donations, private sponsors, and ministries. These programs aren’t less expensive because they offer less or are less effective than larger, more expensive schools. If anything, you can determine that families have found success with these programs which leads them to continue funding the facility.

Your Main Focus When Finding A Program Needs To Be Based On Your Family’s Needs

Your teen has their own unique struggles and set of circumstances. They have tried different levels of therapy, been exposed to different consequences, and lived in different environments. In some cases there may have been related trauma that has added additional roadblocks to healing. Finding the right program tailored to these issues is the best way to ascertain the value of the residential treatment facility in question.

Consider the size of classrooms and therapy groups. This will help you determine if you teen will be getting enough individualized attention and help. Look for activities offered that will benefit your teens growth – life skills, health and fitness skills, or creativity. Look for a social environment conducive to healing and change. Often times, parents may feel guilt for the state in which they’ve found their teen and will pay for higher cost programs with more amenities and extra curricular activities. If your teen is coming from an environment where they have many freedoms and privileges, perhaps the treatment program should provide a different experience than what they’re getting at home.

Other factors you may want to consider when choosing a program include:

  • Accepted insurance coverage that may help with costs
  • Proximity to home; being out of state has advantages
  • Methodology, such as whether the school is faith or secular based
  • Size of the school, number of students, and number of staff
  • Special activities that may interest your teen, such as equestrian boarding programs, sports, or those that include wilderness therapy

Help Your Teen Now Has The Resources To Help You Navigate The Many Factors To Consider When Placing Your Teen In A Residential Treatment Center

We’ve worked with many families in different situations across the nation to find a school that fits the needs of their teen. Let us offer our wealth of information to help you sort through the many factors to consider when searching for a therapeutic boarding school for your struggling teen.

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