Why a Residential Treatment Center?

All teenagers get in trouble from time to time, and a certain amount of bad behavior is to be expected. It is a trying period of life, with rushing hormones, confusion and anxiety over the future, and a peer group made almost exclusively of others facing the same difficult decisions.

But what happens when that trouble is constant, and the issues become potentially dangerous for your teen, or those around them? Serious behavioral issues can be difficult to cope with, and as a parent you may feel like you have tried everything within your power to help them, to no avail. That is when a more extensive form of therapy may be needed.
Residential treatment centers are unique programs that are designed to give your teen 24 hour attention and assistance in a safe environment. If your child struggles with depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, personality or mental disorders, aggression, anger or impulse control issues, criminal behaviors, truancy, difficulty connecting with peers, attachment disorders, or other chronic behavioral deficiencies, a residential treatment center may be right for them.

Statistics About Residential Treatment Programs

For decades, inpatient treatment programs have been a staple for people of all ages. Several studies have been conducted to see the long and short term benefits of these centers, and how they might be used in the future.

One of those studies tested the effectiveness of long-term residential intervention for adolescents. At the end of the treatment period, they found that both parents and teen patients reported an improvement in behavior and outlook. The final conclusion of the study was that psychotherapy in a residential setting was a benefit to patients struggling with various behavioral issues.

Another study found a direct correlation between the length of treatment in residential settings and the continued success of substance abuse users. Though using a wider sample size of ages, teenagers were one of the demographics monitored over the course of the study. While a program of as little as three months could be effective, the best programs lasted a year.

Benefits Of Residential Treatment Centers For Troubled Teens

A boarding school provides stability – a set routine, academic tutoring, socialization, and intensive therapy – all in a single package. The staff are highly trained professionals with combined decades of experience working with troubled youth, involved in a multitude of struggles. They include teachers, tutors, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical staff, activity coordinators, and administrators.

Teachers are ready to work one on one with your teen to get them back on track with school, and even surpass their wildest expectations. Activity coordinators will introduce your child to new hobbies that can help them cope with emotional turmoil and stress. Counselors can help your teen to understand the source of their behavior and give them the tools to move forward.

Best of all, a residential treatment center is secure. You can rest easy knowing where your teen is at all times, and that they are in the hands of well trained staff that can handle anything. The safe environment will also help them to feel taken care of, removing some of the fear and anxiety that they may feel at home.

Help Your Teen Now Can Find The Best Fit For Your Child

Choosing a residential treatment center is a big decision, and one that can cause a lot of stress. Help Your Teen Now is a free resource provided by experts in the field, who can help you navigate the many challenges along the way. We can provide you with details on different schools and programs, laws and regulations in your state, insurance billing and payment options, and more.

Your teen deserves a well informed opinion behind their boarding school selection. You deserve someone in your corner, working to help you make the right decisions. Contact Help Your Teen Now today.

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