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Military School for Troubled Teens: Expectations VS Reality

Military school is often the first thing people think of as a solution for a teen who is rebellious, belligerent, and disrespectful. They picture a drill instructor yelling at a surly teenager until the teen finally changes his ways and becomes a better person. However, military schools and boot camps have been glorified in part […]

How Teens Struggle Through Parent’s Divorce

Divorce is difficult for everyone in the family, but how does it affect your teen? Most teens are unaware of how to deal with these changes and may act out in different ways from shutting down to acting out. If your teen is having difficulty comprehending how to deal with the divorce by acting out […]

8 Fun Hobbies That Keep Your Teenager Engaged

It is alarming how many teens claim boredom as their reason behind substance abuse, shoplifting, and other dangerous behaviors. While boredom isn’t the whole story—many troubled teens also struggle with their mental health, which requires therapy to manage—addressing your teen’s feelings of monotony by helping them find a hobby can help in a number of […]

7 Bad Habits Your Teenager May Be Engaging In

While it’s not the worst thing to have some bad habits as a teenager, the sooner teens are aware of these poor habits and take steps to address them, the less likely they will struggle with these habits in adulthood. Also, if some of these bad habits aren’t curtailed, they can be the first steps […]

7 How to Be a Part of Your Teenager’s Digital Life

In their children’s early years, parents often felt relief when their kids would be entertained by digital engagement since it meant chores, grocery shopping, and other things could get done. Yet, when it comes to teenagers, the endless absorption in digital life can be concerning. There are plenty of horror stories of teens chatting with […]

Is My Teenager’s Behavior Normal?

It is natural for parents to seek assurance that their children are behaving normally or as expected for their age group. Likely, it is a holdover from closely watching infants and young children to ensure they were hitting developmental milestones. And for parents of teens, seeking reassurance that their teenager is “just being a kid” […]

How Soon Can My Son Come Back From A Residential Treatment Center?

One of the top questions parents ask when considering a residential treatment center for their teenage son is how long does their teen need to attend. However, that isn’t an easy question to answer. In general, we here at Help Your Teen Now can tell you the ballpark answer—a six-month stay is common for teens […]

Coronavirus: Is My Teenager Safe To Go To A Resident Care Center?

As public schools close and move students to online settings due to coronavirus, there are growing concerns that this means young children and teens are at risk of coronavirus. Along with these concerns, parents of troubled teens have reached out to us here at Help Your Teen Now to see if residential treatment centers are […]

8 Healthy Habits To Help Teens Overcome Their Struggles

The formation of healthy habits are best learned early, and as your teen prepares to become a young adult, what better time to learn than now? However, the teenage years are also marked with a variety of struggles as teens try to explore who they are and who they want to be in the future. […]

Benefits of Using Transportation Services to Transport Your Teen to a Residential Treatment Center

When you choose a residential treatment center over a boot camp or military school for your troubled teenager, there is still the question of how to get your teen to the treatment center. While some parents can successfully transport their teenagers, there are other teens that are more resistant to going to a residential treatment […]

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