Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

There are many difficulties facing parents raising children today. As many teens struggle with unique challenges due to modern technology as well as deteriorating mental health, many parents struggle to provide the help their troubled teen needs.

For those families seeking a supportive place for their troubled teens to heal and grow, they can turn to therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens.

What Is A Therapeutic Boarding School For Teens

A therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens is a school specially designed to help teens who are struggling with mental and behavioral issues. These schools will board troubled teens as students from anywhere from six months to several years.

During this time frame, teens will attend classes, receive in-depth therapy, learn new life skills, and rebuild their lives. That way, once teens go home, they will be able to continue to move forward positively with their lives.

Why Choose A Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Teen

There are many programs which promise to help troubled teens change their lives. However, these programs fall short when compared to a troubled teen therapeutic boarding school.

Programs like troubled teen boot camps and wilderness experiential programs lack the academics and therapy offered by therapeutic boarding schools. These programs may change some of the outward undesirable behaviors for a short while, but they do not address why the behaviors are happening. When looking for permanent changes, teens need to have the roots of their issues addressed, which is only possible when teens receive regular and in-depth therapy.

A therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens can offer more intensive therapy that a teen can receive while living at home. When at home, teens are usually restricted to once-a-week therapy sessions. While attending a therapeutic boarding school, teens will be engaged in daily therapy: individual, group, experiential, and family. By therapeutically engaging teens continually, they can finally address their issues and work through them.

Top 3 Benefits Of Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

There are many benefits of therapeutic boarding school, but three particular aspects have been able to help countless families reconnect with their troubled teen.

1. Staff and Faculty

Among the best features of these teen-centered help facilities are the staff and faculty members. A good therapeutic boarding school will employ teachers, administrators, doctors, nurses, counselors, and therapists.

Each person at a top therapeutic boarding school will be licensed, experienced, and dedicated to helping troubled youth back on the right track. From helping teens reach the root of their personal issues to learning new coping methods in dealing with problems, staff members are a major benefit to attending teens.

2. Structure and Safety

Therapeutic boarding schools also provide troubled teens with supervision, structure, discipline, and safety that they often lacked at home, work, and school. At a troubled teen therapeutic boarding school, troubled youth:

  • Become part of a caring community
  • Receive plenty of support
  • Enjoy consistent schedules
  • Engage in easy-to-understand responsibilities
  • Participate in classes and activities

Staff members are experienced in dealing with troubled teens and are less likely to be manipulated emotionally. The tactics which troubled teens used on parents, family members, and even teachers, are well-known factors which therapeutic boarding school staffers are trained to recognize and defuse.

Along with the structure and safety the staff provides, teens also respond to positive peer pressure. In the healthy environment of a therapeutic boarding school, troubled teens help each other through their individual challenges, guided by diligent staff.

3. Regular Therapy

Many of today’s teens struggle with weighty issues ranging from depression to learning disabilities as well as other conditions. That’s where the therapy component at therapeutic boarding schools can help the troubled teens in healing. Individual counseling sessions complement group therapy, so troubled teens are involved in daily therapy. There is even family therapy available at the best therapeutic boarding schools to ensure that the troubled teen’s personal issues are being treated and the teen is learning ways to overcome the bad behavior that results.

In order to put their lives and schooling back on track, most troubled teens need a therapeutic boarding school. So, when it’s time for parents to enroll their troubled teens in a therapeutic boarding school, they should look forward to the many benefits their teen will receive.

Issues Addressed At Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Thanks to the robust therapeutic programs at a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, many issues can be addressed by the professionals who run the schools. Some of the most common struggles among students enrolled in therapeutic boarding schools are:

  • Substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Bipolar
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger management
  • Low self-esteem
  • Learning disabilities
  • ODD
  • Recovery from abuse

If you aren’t sure if your child’s specific struggles will be addressed at a therapeutic boarding school, Help Your Teen Now can work with you to determine how best to help your son or daughter.

Not All Therapeutic Boarding Schools Are The Same

With so many therapeutic boarding schools to choose from across the country, you may wonder how to select the best one for your troubled teen. A couple of things to consider when choosing a therapeutic boarding school for your teen are:

  • Licensing and accrediting of the school’s academic program
  • The state and local laws of the state, such as whether the teen can check themselves out of the program without your permission
  • The stated therapy options and treatments offered to students
  • Any extracurricular activities which may be available for your teen
  • Maximum enrollment levels of the therapeutic boarding school and individual class sizes
  • Whether insurance can cover some of the cost and your out-of-pocket expenses

What To Look For When Searching For A Therapeutic Boarding School

When teens struggle with substance abuse, emotional problems, learning difficulties, behavior problems or mental health issues, parents often feel helpless and uninformed about how to turn things around. This helplessness may encourage some parents to make hasty decisions when selecting a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens.

Don’t allow your family to fall into this trap. Instead, as you look for the appropriate therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen, you should look for these things:

  • Strong academic program
  • Emphasis on therapy
  • High ratio of staff to students
  • Robust physical activities
  • Testimonials and references

Help Your Teen Now Offers Help To Parents Of Troubled Teens

Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate group interested in passing on help, hints, and resources on therapeutic boarding schools to other parents. We are not affiliated with any of the schools or programs we recommend — instead, we want to gather and share information from parents and teens that are further down the road to success than you are.

At Help Your Teen Now, our goal is to restore the family harmony you once knew and make it easier for you and your teen to make some hard choices about the future. If our goals are aligned with yours, contact us today and allow us to help you find the right place for your troubled teen.

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