Teen Boys Perform Better At A School For Troubled Teens

When teenage boys become troubled and begin acting out, it can be hard for parents to know the best way to help their sons. An excellent option is to allow your troubled teen son to attend a school for troubled teens. These schools have experience at helping boys turn their lives around and do this […]

How Your Relationship With Your Troubled Teen Can Be Improved With A Therapeutic Boarding School

Parenting a troubled teen can strain not only the parent-child relationship but also the whole family’s relationship with the troubled teen. As troubled teens usually need lots of intensive support and help to move forward in a positive direction with their lives, having strained family relationships will not help most teens make better life decisions. […]

Common Misconceptions About Boarding Schools

No matter if its a boarding school for troubled teens or any other kind of boarding school, there are some common misconceptions surrounding boarding schools. We want to set the record straight and clear up the myths around boarding schools. Boarding Schools Are For Parents Who Don’t Want To Parent The entertainment industry has often […]

Behavioral Issues Addressed In Schools For Troubled Teens

Parents of troubled teens are often at a loss when it comes to addressing troubled teen behavioral issues. While many teens experiment with rebellious behaviors, troubled teens have prolonged issues which may require stronger intervention than parents can provide. Emotionally-Related Troubled Teen Behaviors Addressed Emotions drive much of our behaviors and reactions to the world […]

Treating Self-Harm Habits At A Therapeutic Boarding School

Many troubled teens turn their negative feelings inward rather than acting out. This can manifest in several ways, though one of the more terrifying ways for parents is when they see their teen has self-harmed. Potential Causes Behind Self-Harming There are several reasons why troubled teens turn to self-harm. What surprises many parents is that […]

What Can I Do To Help My Troubled Teen Boy?

It can be isolating when your teenage son is acting out. Between the embarrassing behaviors and the judgment leveled at parents of troubled teens, it can be hard to reach out when you need help with your troubled son. Though it is likely not your fault that your son is acting out, we understand the […]

Evaluating Residential Treatment Programs To Make Confident Decisions

Since no parent receives a parenting manual when they’re given their baby, parents have to make many decisions without much guidance. One of the more difficult decisions comes up when you have a troubled teen in need of help from a residential treatment center. There are so many available to parents today that it can […]

Repairing Behaviors At A Residential Treatment Center

There comes a point for some parents of troubled teens where they need a greater level of intervention to help repair their teens’ troubling behaviors. One of the most intensive options which can help teens change is a residential treatment center. The focus on several aspects to help repair negative behaviors and have found great […]

Why Residential Treatment Centers Separate By Gender

When looking at residential treatment centers for your troubled teen, you may have noticed these treatment centers are separated by gender. This was not done by accident. Whether openly stated or not, teen residential treatment centers have several reasons to separate their residents by gender. Social Reasons For Gender-Separated Treatment Teens place much social pressure […]

Grade Repair Opportunities in Residential Treatment Centers for Teen Boys

When you choose to send your troubled son to a residential treatment center, you don’t want him to fall behind academically. Not only can this affect your son’s future plans but also undermine the help he receives from being in a residential treatment program. Improve Academics And Help Change Troubled Teens While it would be […]

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