Underdeveloped Teen Brains: A Blessing Too, Not Just A Curse

Often, when adults discuss underdeveloped teenage brains, it’s usually in reference to troubled teen behavior or how teens will engage in poor decision-making. But there can be positives to the fact that teenagers’ brains are still developing. Developing Brains Mean Teens Are More Open To Change The area of the brain that is associated with […]

Teen Vaping is a Massive Concern – But Why

With savvy and aggressive marketing, vaping has cemented a corner of the tobacco industry—an industry that was starting to decline before e-cigarettes hit the scene. While e-cigarettes can be helpful as a part of a smoking cessation program, many teens are picking up vaping as a lifestyle habit all on its own. And, with the […]

Key Aspects to Successful Treatment at a Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Teens

As a resource for parents considering various troubled teen programs, we have talked to many parents who have enrolled their teenagers at least one troubled teen program. These parents are often frustrated, as the program they chose didn’t have the desired impact on their struggling teen. While a good deal of the change is reliant […]

What Makes A Teen Bully

Many adults consider bullying to be a natural part of growing up and often forget that there are future impacts on both the bully and the victim. Thankfully, this attitude is slowly changing, and steps are being taken to help those who are targeted by bullies. But the toughest question to address is this—what turns […]

4 Movies That Got Boot Camps Wrong

When it comes to boot camps for troubled teens, there is a lot of misinformation out there. A good deal of this misinformation is a result of movies that are more focused on entertainment than the truth. So, to help sort fiction from fact, Help Your Teen Now is here to shed some light on […]

So You Caught Your Teen Sexting, Here’s What To Do Next

For the most part, the parents of today’s current crop of teens didn’t have cell phones when they were teenagers, so they didn’t have to struggle with sexting. That alone can make it difficult for parents to approach their teens about the subject. But once you catch your teen sexting, it is time to step […]

BE KIND: 8 Organizations Spreading Kindness To Combat Bullying

Even with the growing awareness of the dangers of bullying, most school-aged children are bullied at some point over their time in school. But, rather than dismiss bullying, there are many organizations looking to spread kindness and end bullying, from parent advocates to community organizers. With National Bullying Prevention Month coming up in October if […]

6 Reasons Why Your Teen Hates School (And What To Do About It)

Most parents hear their children say at one point, “I hate school.” As education is their main job, and likely their key source of stress, it is not unusual for teens to express their dislike of school. But problems come up when that dislike goes from the occasional complaint to constant comments on how bad […]

Recent Study on Teen Suicide Prevention Could Be The Answer to Saving Previous Lives

Having a teenager struggle with suicidal ideation—and potentially suicide attempts—can be incredibly isolating for parents and their teens, leaving parents heartbroken and scrambling for tools and answers. One of the more impactful things parents can do is open up the lines of communication with their teen. Yet, no matter how important it is to talk […]

Breaking Bad Behavior: How to Deal with Your Teen’s Misconduct and Disrespect

The University of Iowa defines disrespectful behavior as: “Behavior that is rude, unpleasant, inappropriate, and unprofessional. Behavior that causes hurt feelings and distresses, disturbs, and/or offends others.” Sound familiar? If you have a tween or full-blown teen living in your home, you may have encountered this “bad” behavior definition at one point. You might be […]

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