Helping a Manipulative Teenager Without Reinforcing Behavior

The teenage years can often feel like an ongoing struggle between parents and their teens, especially as older adolescents feel a greater need for independence. However, instead of being openly defiant or honest about desires for personal autonomy, some teens decide that behaving manipulatively is the way to get what they want. If you have […]

Compulsive Lying: A Deeper Look at Why Teens Do It & What Your Options Are

Lying is a normal part of development, particularly when children are young. Yet, most parents don’t like to think that their children lie to them. But the reality is that there is research that points to teenagers being the one age group that lies the most. Likely, you have had to come to grips with […]

Disarming Emotionally Abusive Teenagers

Abuse of any kind is incredibly difficult for a person to deal with, especially if it is something as insidious as emotional abuse. Yet, parents of emotionally abusive teenagers are in a particularly tough position. For one thing, many parents feel ashamed to admit that their teenagers’ behavior is uncontrollable and abusive. There aren’t the […]

Teen Boot Camps Can Make Matters Worse – Here’s How

When a teen acts defiant, belligerent, and disobedient, parents might think that a boot camp for teens will straighten the kid out. What parents don’t realize is that these boot camps for troubled teens can often make matters worse and not better. What are Teen Boot Camps? Teen boot camps are punishment-based programs with military-style […]

Family Therapy to Heal Wounds & Progress Together

When a teen has emotional, psychological, or behavioral problems, the entire family is thrown into turmoil. While it is essential for a troubled teen to get individual therapy, family therapy is also an important part of the healing process. Teens in family therapy, as well as individual therapy, show a higher rate of successful treatment […]

Schools for Troubled Teens Highlight: Liahona Treatment Center

Liahona Treatment Center is a mental health treatment center, for boys ages 12 – 17. Liahona offers a safe, supportive, and controlled therapeutic environment, for teens with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems, such as depression, substance abuse, defiance, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-harming behaviors, and poor social skills. Unlike other schools for troubled teens, […]

Grieving Loss in Adolescence: Helping Your Teen Cope with Loss in Healthy Ways

Loss can be hard to deal with at any age. Yet, the teenage years are often when people experience their first serious loss when everything is already so difficult. So, if a teen learns poor coping mechanisms at this stage in life, it can cause lasting damage. Whether a is grieving the loss of a […]

Coping With Your Troubled Teen During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for family, gratitude, and goodwill towards all. Problem is, if you have a troubled teen in the house, you likely have a good deal of disruption already on your hands. It can make the approaching holidays more stressful as you try to figure out how to cope with your struggling […]

Parents of Struggling Teens, We Know You Feel Lonely & Defeated

Plenty of parents complain about the teenage years, but if you are parenting a troubled teen, it can feel like no one can really understand. Sure, maybe one of your friend’s teenage daughter is dating a scruffy boy that the family doesn’t like—at least they know where their daughter is at. Many parents of troubled […]

Triggers Behind Teenage Self-Harm: Why Teens Cut and What You Can Do

No parent wants to find out that their teen is engaging in self-harm. Unfortunately, in recent years, the number of teens who self-harm—particularly cutting—has risen. There can be many reasons why a teen may engage in self-harm, from emotional turmoil to a form of taking control. If you are looking to help your teen break […]

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