Teen Money: A Guide for Teaching Teens Money Management

One of the best life lessons parents can teach their teens relates to managing their money. So many of us grow up without having an idea about how to make the most of our checking account, how to save for attainable goals, or how to budget and consider taxes. Teaching your teens how to manage […]

What are Bad Kids Schools Called?

Are you looking for help for a teen in crisis? You may be asking yourself questions like, what are bad kids schools called? And how can these schools help your teen find his way back to stability and good behavior? Parents who are struggling with teens who are acting out, breaking the rules, taking part […]

When Do You Know Your Teen Needs a Therapeutic Boarding School?

It should go without saying that being the parent of a troubled teen can be incredibly difficult. A teen who is facing several concerns, whether mental health or behavioral, can also prove to be a challenge to your ability to work and focus on stability for other family members. What avenues have you tried to […]

How Do I Find the Right School for My Troubled Teen?

Once you’ve decided to get your troubled teen into a boarding school, the hardest part of the process is already behind you. Making this decision is not always easy, but knowing how your teen can benefit from time in a boarding school can help direct your family to make the right choice. Finding the right […]

What is a Boarding School for Troubled Teenagers?

When children are struggling, the instinct of most parents is to circle the wagons and keep them as close as they can. Our desire to protect and help even our troubled teens can be strong, despite the frustration and stress they may be adding to our lives. That said, there comes the point where it […]

Helping Your Teen Learn Effective Organization Skills

Are you organized? Is there a place for everything in your office? Is your kitchen perfectly labeled? Or do you tend to fly by the seat of your pants? Being organized is a life skill that can prove helpful for each of us. For a teen, being organized can help them with their schoolwork, their […]

Teaching Your Teen How to Say No to Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can sometimes feel like something of a cliché. It’s something covered in after-school specials from the 1980s and 1990s, not something faced by teens of today. Unfortunately, peer pressure never faded away. There is more awareness about it, what it looks like, and the dangers that it can bring with it. Awareness is […]

Teen Post-COVID Struggles: Adapting to “Normal” Life Again

While some may be thrilled with the anticipation of being able to shed the mask they’ve been required to wear for over a year, not all of us are looking forward to a restoration of normalcy. For those who struggle with social anxiety, the mask has been more than just a way to offer protection […]

Teen Money: A Guide to Teaching Teens Money Management

It’s never too soon to learn good money management skills. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to have parents who taught you about financial literacy when you were a teen, or maybe it was something you had to learn through trial and error as an adult. Teaching your teen the finer details of managing their money […]

How Can Outdoor Time Help Your Teen?

When your child was younger, you may have sent him outside to play in the backyard or taken him to the park to run around with his friends. Now, he’s grown up into a teen who may prefer to spend more time alone in his bedroom. This may leave you wondering if there’s still a […]

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