Resources For Parents Struggling To Decide On A Boarding School For Troubled Boys

When looking for the right boarding school for troubled teens for your struggling teenager, there can be so many options that it is overwhelming. To help you narrow down your available options, there are several resources you can use to find the right school to help your troubled teen son. Work With A Troubled Teen […]

Families Reap The Benefits When Troubled Teens Attend Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Often, the families of troubled teens are focused on how therapeutic boarding schools can help their troubled teen. However, the families can also reap the benefits of their teen attending a therapeutic boarding school. Families Receive Help For Loved Ones At Therapeutic Boarding Schools By the time families decide to send their teens away to […]

Help Your Teen Now No Longer Recommends Youth Boot Camps For Behavior Modification

Over the years, we’ve learned more about the psychology of adolescents and troubled teens in particular. Once, the prevailing wisdom was that a teen with behavioral issues could be set on the right course through brief immersion in a program emphasizing military-style structure and authority. Most experts now agree this tough approach fails to address […]

Preventing Teen Violence Starts At Home And Is Aided By The Community

Many troubled teens are violence-prone, a fact underscored by some sobering statistics. The second and third leading cause of death among adolescents age 15 to 19 are suicide and homicide, respectively. A teen’s violent tendencies can be exacerbated if other factors are at play, such as: Being bullied Drug or alcohol abuse Early childhood abuse […]

What It Takes To Keep Our Teens Off Drugs

Keeping your teen off drugs takes a proactive approach. You need to talk to them early on about the dangers of substance abuse. You should also learn about the drugs circulating among your teen’s peers and be able to spot signs your own child may be using. Do you have a teenager who’s already abusing […]

Parenting Resources For Difficult Teens

Parenting is a tough gig, and it can get even tougher when your child is in their teenage years when raging hormones and crushing social pressure make “normal” a moving target. You’re going to need some resources providing straight talk on the pleasures and pitfalls of raising a healthy adolescent. Fortunately, a number of websites […]

Is A Youth Boot Camp A Good Idea For My Troubled Teen?

When your child is struggling with discipline issues and rebellious behavior, you would do anything to help them bring their life back on track. Youth boot camps are often mentioned as a potential option to herd an acting-out teen back onto the straight and narrow. However, youth boot camps do not have the tools to […]

Teens And Parents Greatly Benefit From Residential Treatment Centers For Teens

The benefits for those who have a son or daughter attending a residential treatment center for troubled teens may seem lopsided at times. Does the teen receive the most value, or do the parents? In reality, both the parents and the troubled teen can greatly benefit from the teen attending a residential treatment center. How […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving With Teens At A Therapeutic Boarding School

If your teen is going to be still attending a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens or you are considering sending your teen away before the holidays begin, it may be tough to know how to celebrate Thanksgiving. As your parental advocate and expert on troubled teen programs, we parents here at Help Your Teen […]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools: Medical Licensing and Services

If you’ve been considering sending your struggling teenager to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, you are likely wondering what qualifications these schools possess to be caring for your child. Therapeutic boarding schools are not a homogenous group, and there can be high variability in what your troubled teen will receive depending on where […]

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