6 Ways To Help Your Son Develop Social Skills

The teenage years are often tricky, and with more socializing done via technology, some teen boys struggle to develop the social skills that girls often find easier to acquire. Also, many boys aren’t taught how to socialize outside of playing sports together, making natural social skills difficult for some boys. While a certain amount of […]

I’m Afraid My Teen Will Slip Back Into Bad Habits After Graduating From a Therapeutic Boarding School

Deciding to send their struggling teenager to a therapeutic boarding school is a tough decision for any parent. After making that tough decision, parents want to be sure that their teens are successful when their children return home. Here at Help Your Teen Now, we have talked to parents at all stages of their journeys […]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Struggling Teens See a Bright Future

Misbehavior from teenagers is generally met with discipline and zero-tolerance punishments. But, for teens who are struggling with trauma, mental health, and other deep-seated issues, this kind of response to their behavior often fans the flames of defiance and anger. Over time, the cycle of acting out, punishment, and anger can make these troubled teens […]

Study Find That Teenage Opioid Use is Linked to Parental Use

There are a wide variety of reasons why parents may find themselves in possession of opioids—from injury recovery to part of a medical pain management regime. However, most parents never want to find out that their teenagers have snuck some of their prescription opioids, especially as opioid abuse is often a path to other troubling […]

Why The “Tear Them Down And Build Them Up” Boot Camp Mentality Is Ineffective

For parents who are at their wits’ end trying to manage their wildly misbehaving teens, sending their teenagers to a military school or boot camp for discipline may sound like the best option. Unfortunately, the kind of “tear them down and build them back up” that is endorsed by boot camps and military schools is […]

Teens Need to Know #TheRealCost of Vaping

For many parents, the marketing of e-cigarettes and other vaping products is likely eerily familiar, and it should be. E-cigarettes are following the same tactics as big tobacco companies. Unfortunately, the constant insistence of “just water vapor” and “no smell, like cigarettes” has convinced many teens to use products like Juul, Moti, Bo One, and […]

You Can’t Treat the Individual Without Treating the Family

When there is a troubled teen in the home, the impact is felt throughout the entire family. Parents struggle to find something that works to help their struggling teenager, while siblings can feel neglected, or worse, are terrorized by their troubled sibling. Since it is clear that having a troubled teen at home has an […]

Help Your Teen Develop a Positive Self-Identity in These 8 Ways

Part of the struggle of the teenage years is that teens are often looking to determine their sense of identity. Sometimes, this seeking of identity can have hilarious results, from strange fashion trends to particular dance moves. However, some teens may look for their identity in delinquent actions, such as smoking, petty theft, aggression, and […]

How to Engage in Your Teen’s Digital World

Teens are inundated with more technology and social platforms than ever before. They are developing their sense of self and identity online and in person, which has advantages and dangers. This article will serve as a resource for how parents can engage teens’ online world and persona in a positive way that opens communication and […]

Factors That Set Boarding Schools in Utah Apart From Other Therapeutic Programs

Parents looking for insight on what kinds of programs are best for their struggling teens are often bombarded with information on everything from therapeutic practices to medication ads. Even once parents narrow their options down to looking at therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens, there is still a bewildering array of options available. However, one […]

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