Who Staffs A Troubled Teen Residential Treatment Center?

You have been trying everything in your power to help your teen through their struggles. In spite of your efforts, your child is still having intense bouts of depression, episodes of mental illness, truancy, sexual acting out, drug abuse, disordered eating…there are any number of problems they might be facing. And you are stressed, frightened […]

​Developing Self-Esteem At A School For Troubled Teens

What is the biggest problem facing teens today? Gang violence? Drugs? Teen pregnancy? Academic failure? The teen prison pipeline? All of those issues are critical and difficult to solve. But the answer to the biggest problem is far simpler than you probably expect. Self esteem is linked to every one of the above issues. Trauma, […]

​Programs For Troubled Teens: Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Academic Credit Repair

Mental illness, trauma and behavioral problems are more far reaching in a teen’s life than many people realized. At least until they have had children of their own who have struggled. It becomes clear then just how many aspects of their lives are impacted by depression, personality or mood disorders, legal trouble, substance abuse, eating […]

4 Practical Skills Taught to Troubled Teens At A Boys Ranch

Teenagers who are facing behavioral issues tend to feel even more helpless than parents feel trying to help them. They are out of control, unable to regulate their own emotions, struggling to fight their impulses. Many are experiencing serious mental health issues, such as depression, manic cycles or the impact of severe trauma. In the […]

​Common Questions Parents Have About Residential Treatment Centers

When your child is struggling, whether that is with behavioral problems, violent outbursts, drug addiction or mental illness and depression, it can be hard to know where to turn to. So many of the symptoms are terrifying and are new territory for most parents. Though therapy and medication can be helpful for some, they aren’t […]

​What’s Needed To Enroll In A Boarding School for Troubled Boys

Therapy isn’t working. The medication only seems to improve some of the symptoms, not the overall behaviors. The school is threatening expulsion, the police know the names of your family by heart and you are at your wits end. Dealing with a troubled teenage boy is extremely stressful and disheartening. Just when you think progress […]

​6 Ways Your Son Can Benefit From A Troubled Teen School

No one wants to consider sending their son away to a boarding school. It seems like such an extreme measure and anyway, you want them at home. But at a certain point it becomes obvious that home isn’t the best environment for them and something has to be done to ensure they are secure and […]

Improving Communication Between Parents and Teens

Raising a teenager requires top-notch communication skills, and as the parent, you will be the one required to display the better communication skills. Yet, as your teen engages in troubling behavior, it can be difficult to enjoy good communication with your teenager. But it is important to persist in improving your communication as research has […]

Programs For Troubled Teens: Choosing A Therapeutic Boarding School With The Right Social Environment

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens can foster different social environments depending on a variety of factors. Your troubled teen may be able to improve faster if they are placed in the right therapeutic boarding school social environment. Location Of Therapeutic Boarding School Influences Socialization A key factor in the social environment of a therapeutic […]

​Schools For Troubled Teens: Should You Consider A Boys Ranch?

Seeking out a school for troubled teens can feel like a massive step and not one most parents are eager to take. It may feel like a betrayal, or as though to you are telling your child that you have given up and don’t want them at home. It is a common struggle for parents […]

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