Why Do Teens Run Away From Home?

It’s a situation that can break your heart and fill you with so much fear. Your teen has run away from home. Perhaps this is the first time, or maybe it’s something you’ve experienced on more than one occasion. Your teen running away from home can leave you with so many questions, concerns, and hopes […]

Types of Psychotherapy Used at Troubled Teen Centers

Finding suitable treatment options for your troubled teen is crucial to ensuring he has the best opportunities to recover. At Help Your Teen Now, your teen will have access to several therapy types that can offer him the help that he can best benefit from. Knowing which type of therapy can best benefit your teen […]

Treatments for Paranoid Personality Disorder

A diagnosis of paranoid personality disorder in your teen can be worrisome and even a bit overwhelming. Understanding just what this disorder is and how it can be best treated can help remove some of the mystery and fear surrounding the diagnosis. If your teen has been diagnosed, then there are good odds that you’re […]

What is a Group Home for Teens?

When your teen is struggling, it can be difficult for all family members to know the best ways to interact with them, help them, and guide them towards making the healthiest decisions. A group home may not be something that you’ve previously considered, particularly because, like many parents, you may be reluctant to have your […]

What is a Motivational School for Teens?

Does your teen struggle with behavioral issues? Is your teen son acting aggressive, angry, violent, and more? While getting help for him and other family members, you may have encountered recommendations of sending him to an alternative school. Whether you’ve heard the phrase motivational school, reform school, therapeutic boarding school, or alt school, the concepts […]

Tips for Parents Dealing With Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) can be a complicated situation for parents to navigate. This disorder results from a disruption to the all-important bonding process that should take place between children and parents in those early formative childhood years. To ensure healthy development, children need to experience healthy and loving interactions with parents and caregivers during […]

ADHD: A Parents Guide To Understanding Your Teen

Has your teen recently been diagnosed with ADHD? It could be that you’ve spent years with the wrong diagnosis, not getting your child the right type of therapy needed. ADHD can bring several complexities and challenges for parents and everyone in the family. Learning how to understand ADHD can help you to understand your teen […]

9 Ways Parents of Bipolar Teens Can Help

If your teen has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you may feel overwhelmed as you consider how you can help. Parenting a bipolar teen can be frustrating and stressful. You must take care of your own needs and avoid blaming yourself for the challenging behavior that your teen demonstrates. With the adoption of several helpful […]

What to Expect When Sending Your Teen to Therapeutic Boarding School

As the parent of a troubled teen, you need to find a solution that will work for your child. Plenty of teenagers respond well to interventions at home and see great success. They learn strategies to overcome their troubles and function well in school and at home. However, that’s not the case for all troubled […]

How to Help Your Violent Teen Manage Their Anger

No parent is truly ever prepared to see their teen erupt in violent behavior. Whether the angry behavior is being expressed at school or home, or both, it can lead to a world of confusion and questions for parents who now need to navigate life with a teen prone to anger and violence. It can […]

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