Tips to Get Your Teen to Wear Their Mask

This fall, the change in seasons brings with it more than the usual back to school challenges and scents of pumpkin spice. As states and school systems struggle to open safely and establish a new sustainable normal, most young people are being asked to wear masks in public. The simple act of getting your child […]

Five Tips to Improve Your Teen’s Social Skills

In the modern age of education, it has become much more difficult for teens to acquire adequate social skills that are key for personal development. Remote classes and social isolation have made communication much more difficult, depriving teens of necessary social interaction. However, it is still necessary for parents to find a way to let […]

Teens Going Back To School: Seeking A New Normal

This fall, we all struggle to find the balance between the way we traditionally go about life and the much-touted “new normal.” The COVID-19 pandemic has altered daily fives in a wide range of ways. As communities and school districts struggle to establish what your teen’s school year will look like, there are things you […]

Helping Your Teen Daughter Avoid Dating Consequences

Teens have unrealistic and idealistic views about love. They discount the importance of respect, trust, honesty, and communication in a relationship and believe their love for their dating partner is all that matters. They are not emotionally prepared for navigating the complications of relationships and are more likely to become depressed, use drugs or alcohol, […]

How Movies and TV Shows May Help Teens With Attachment Disorders

Teens watching movies and binging TV shows on a streaming platform can seem like a giant waste of time in some parents’ eyes. But, what if you were told that it might actually be helping your teenager, particularly if your kid struggles with an attachment disorder? A groundbreaking study found that out of over 1,000 […]

Parenting During Uncertain Times

No one has ever claimed that parenting is an easy task, but this year has certainly pushed that truth to the limit. Between COVID-19 quarantine, school closures, remote learning, worldwide protests against police brutality, on top of the turmoil of a presidential election year, parents have been pushed to the breaking point. Here at Help […]

A Residential Treatment Center Is No Reason to Panic

Often parents have to make difficult decisions that are in the best interest of their children. You’ve decided that the only way to get your teen the help they need is to place them in a residential treatment center. But once you make that decision, you are faced with the reality of sending your child […]

Military School for Troubled Teens: Expectations VS Reality

Military school is often the first thing people think of as a solution for a teen who is rebellious, belligerent, and disrespectful. They picture a drill instructor yelling at a surly teenager until the teen finally changes his ways and becomes a better person. However, military schools and boot camps have been glorified in part […]

How Teens Struggle Through Parent’s Divorce

Divorce is difficult for everyone in the family, but how does it affect your teen? Most teens are unaware of how to deal with these changes and may act out in different ways from shutting down to acting out. If your teen is having difficulty comprehending how to deal with the divorce by acting out […]

8 Fun Hobbies That Keep Your Teenager Engaged

It is alarming how many teens claim boredom as their reason behind substance abuse, shoplifting, and other dangerous behaviors. While boredom isn’t the whole story—many troubled teens also struggle with their mental health, which requires therapy to manage—addressing your teen’s feelings of monotony by helping them find a hobby can help in a number of […]

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