Finding a School in Your State

Something we see among parents across the nation is that they’re looking specifically within their home state for a therapeutic boarding school for their teen. Often times, they don’t even consider sending their teen out of state for help and healing. We encourage parents to look at schools in different states for a number of reasons.

You can find residential treatment centers and therapy based boarding schools in many states, but each state varies on the types of treatment they can offer your teen. Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers are not federally regulating. Each state mandates different regulations, laws, and licensing requirements for this type of treatment.

Research and Consider Regulations In Your Home State Compared To Others

Some states within the US require your teens approval and agreement to enroll in these types of facilities. You may have a teen who would not submit to therapeutic or residential treatment who desperately needs it in which case you’d want to avoid programs in these states. Other states have regulations that allow juveniles to check themselves out of treatment centers immediately, or after a certain time period.

Transportation options may also give parents pause. If your teen refuses to get the help they need, and they are resistant, out of state schools offer transport services to get them to the location. However, these are not simple buses or taxis. They are professionals who are sent to escort your child from your home, and to the school in question. They come in the middle of the night in order to catch your child unaware. Many parents worry that this could be traumatizing to their teen, but it is often the in their best interest as it keeps them from trying to escape, harming themselves, or harming someone else.

If your teen is unwilling to undergo treatment, the location you choose will be very important. Your home state may not be the best selection for your family, even if it means limiting visitation.

States Regulate Licensing and Treatment Available To Your Teen in a Residential Treatment Center

Any parent who has struggled with their teen’s behavior knows that they would not be reaching the decision to try a residential treatment center lightly. Years of struggle, repeated failures in treatments, therapy and punishments, and pure desperation fuel the need. Having their options limited due to state regulations can be disheartening.

Each state regulates the types of licensing and therapy available to youth in therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. Not only can this limit the services and help offered to your teen if you choose a program within a state unable to treat certain behavioral disorders, but you’ll also see these regulations affect the way your chosen program can bill your insurance to offset the out of pocket expense for treatment.

Help Your Teen Now Offers Free Resources For Finding A Program Best Fit For Your Family

We can help you find local boarding schools, and tell you if they would be a good fit for your teen’s needs. If not, we can direct you to programs in nearby states that will be a better option, and help you through the process of applying, finding transportation (if necessary), and running it through insurance to find out the level of coverage.

Be sure to check local laws about residential treatment centers for juveniles, including the rights of the parents and child, before enrolling your teen in any boarding school or treatment program. Each state also has different limitations on what types of treatment they can be licensed for (and offer). So there are states that offer more treatment options in their programs. This provides more help for your teen and typically more financial help from your insurance.

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