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HelpYourTeenNow is an advocacy group dedicated to helping parents understand residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools as well as finding the perfect fit for their teen – free of cost. Over the past 8 years, our mission has been to walk families through this complex process of deciding whether an intensive program is right for their teen, selecting the best school for their needs, and figuring out how to fund treatment and navigate their insurance options.

Making the decision to put your teen in a residential treatment program is not easy. No parent expects to have to make such a choice, and may feel guilty for considering something so extreme or that their troubles have come this far. But for many teenagers facing a crisis, therapeutic boarding schools are the answer. We understand your anxiety, and are here to help you navigate the process from the first step to the last.

Our service is free, unlike many professional services that charge up to $5,000 for their expertise. We have formed relationships with many different schools over the years, and can help you to search through each one to find the right option for your unique situation. That includes finding a school based on quality, experience, pricing, and treatment.

Every program is different. Some schools will be focused more equally between therapy and academics. Others will provide more intensive therapeutic services that aim to discover and treat the root cause of your child’s dangerous behaviors. When your teenager faces unique struggles, you need a school that has been specially trained to manage those problems. We can direct you to programs with specialists for substance abuse, mental illnesses, personality disorders, compulsive sexual activity or pornography use, acting out through illegal activities, and more. Finding the right school to help your teen is the first step in healing.  

How We Can Help


  1. We help you navigate the many different boarding school options available to you, free of charge.
  2. We help explain the difference between different programs, so you can make an informed choice, and select the best possible school for your teen and their unique struggles.
  3. We help you to understand the cost to your family, including providing insurance information for each school to help you find out what may be covered.
  4. We help to advocate for your teen, using relationships with schools we’ve fostered over many years to find them an ideal fit, and work out any individual needs they may have.
  5. We help explain the difference between therapeutic boarding schools and boot camps, and why the latter no longer exist in most states, and why they are rarely (if ever) the right option.
  6. We help you to discover valuable parenting resources that will assist you along the way, including family support groups to help manage the emotional side of this process.
  7. We help you understand the factors that make up the best schools, as cost is not always an indicator of the best program for your child.
  8. We help you see if a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment program is right for your teen, or if an intensive therapy program may be better suited for their needs, while remaining at home.

We are not facility owners, or members of staff at any boarding schools. Our place is as advocates, working on behalf of you and your child to find the best possible solution to your current situation. We will stand by your side and give you all of the information you need to make an educated decision regarding your teen’s treatment and academic future.
Our concern is, and always will be, the well being of your family in this time of crisis.

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