Helping Your Troubled Teen: Improving Grades At A Therapeutic Boarding School

It can be discouraging to attend parent-teacher conferences over and over due to a troubled teen’s poor grades. When a teen doesn’t want to put in the effort to change and improve their circumstances, there is sometimes very little a parent can do. Also, a negative change in academics is often accompanied by other problematic […]

Programs For Troubled Teens: Residential Treatment Centers That Encourage Family Interaction

As parents look for programs for troubled teens which encourage strong family interaction, they should consider residential treatment centers. There are several residential treatment centers which focus not only the immediate issues their troubled teens’ face but also look to help repair and strengthen the family relationships which may have become damaged. Ways Which Families […]

Residential Treatment Centers For Anger Management and Grief

There are many reasons why parents choose to send their troubled teen to a residential treatment center. Sending a teen to help them with anger management and grief are often connected to other issues the troubled teen is struggling with. But sometimes the discussion around anger management and grief treatment can become sidelined by other […]

The Benefits Of Sending Your Son To An All-Boys Boarding School for Troubled Boys

Have you been trying to help your troubled son but feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall? Have you been through therapy, group therapy, school intervention programs, at risk programs and even the courts, but things just keep getting worst? When your son struggles with behavioral programs, whatever they are caused […]

Learning To Develop Healthy Relationships At A Therapeutic Boarding School

Once a troubled teen has started to develop unhealthy relationships, it can be hard for them to change course. This is especially true if the troubled teens are still in the same environment which fostered the negative relationships. But when troubled teens have the opportunity to attend a therapeutic boarding school, they can learn how […]

Schools For Troubled Teens: Boys’ Ranch V Residential Treatment

The challenges teenage boys are facing today can be far outside of the experience of many parents. Technology has changed the parenting landscape and more parents are looking for help with their troubled teen boys. But it can be difficult to choose which of the many resources is the right one to help with their […]

Financing Troubled Teen Schools For Boys

Having a troubled teenage boy at home can cause a lot of strain on the family, both emotionally and financially. Therapy sessions, group homes, hospital stays…the costs add up. Which doesn’t even take into account the financial responsibility when they get into the legal side of things, which falls to you as parents. At this […]

Motivating Your Troubled Teen At A Residential Treatment Center

Sometimes it can feel like your teen will never be motivated. It can be especially difficult for parents to handle unmotivated troubled teens after they have been sent to a residential treatment center. To keep parents from feeling like they are wasting their time and money by sending their unmotivated teens to residential treatment, we […]

Bringing St. Patrick’s Day To Your Troubled Teen At A Boys’ Ranch

Holidays are a great time to send your troubled teen at a boys’ ranch a package from home. So, for this St. Patrick’s Day, consider these ideas so you can bring the holiday to your troubled son at a boys’ ranch. Check The Boys’ Ranch Package Guidelines As your troubled teen son receives the help […]

5 Signs Your Daughter Is Struggling With Depression

Teenage girls can be incredibly moody as they are going through a variety of experiences and feelings they have never dealt with before. This can make it difficult for parents distinguish run-of-the-mill moodiness from signs that their daughter is suffering from genuine depression. We have worked with parents to help their troubled teens and have […]

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