10 Tips For Parents With ADHD Children

A diagnosis of ADHD can often come as a relief to parents who have been struggling to figure out why their child has been having a difficult time. With a diagnosis comes a better idea as to how to help your child cope. Unfortunately, ADHD can also come with several challenges that can be hard […]

Following Through When Teens Don’t Care About Consequences

To say it’s difficult to parent a teen can be an understatement. Teens are hormonal, defiant, angry, and have emotions that can run all over the place. With all of this, it can be difficult to hand out consequences to a defiant teen. Especially a teen that comes across as not caring about the consequences […]

How to Teach Your Kids Hygiene

The teen years bring with them so many changes, not least of which are the hormonal changes in their bodies. These mental and emotional challenges can be overwhelming for both teens and their parents, but the physical challenges can be just as frustrating and confusing for teens adjusting to their new bodies. Many of these […]

What are alternative schools called?

Is your teen struggling to keep up with his education? Is he having a hard time in another part of his life, and it is taking a toll on his education? Is your teen son being bullied and now is struggling to even get to school, let alone doing his homework? If your teen is […]

What can I do if my teenager is out of control?

Do you find yourself dreading engaging with your teen? Has your home recently been a source of stress more than it’s been a refuge from the world outside? If your teen is out of control, it’s going to take a toll on so many aspects of your life. It’s also going to take a toll […]

Can I kick my teenager out of the house?

With a rebellious teen who is constantly battling you, challenging you, disrespecting you, or reacting with violent behavior, you may feel at the end of your rope. Certainly, no one could blame you for feeling like you have nothing left to give to your teen. You may find yourself returning their angry outbursts with anger […]

Is Social Media Impacting Your Teen’s Mental Health?

How much time do you spend using social media each day? Most of us will admit that we spend at least a few hours a day switching between one or more social media platforms. Teens today tend to spend a significant amount of time on social media. Whether they’re posting or scrolling to see what […]

Helping Children With Destructive Behaviors

We all experience frustration and anger. That’s just a part of being a human. Most of us learn how to curb our frustration and anger so that we’re not lashing out at those around us. Toddlers who are corrected tend to learn that throwing things or hitting other people is not acceptable. It can be […]

Stress Relief Tips for Teens

We tend to think of stress as being something that only adults deal with. After all, children and teens typically don’t need to worry about a full-time job, a mortgage, and maintaining stability in marriage and family. What do teens have to be stressed about? In truth, today’s teens can feel just as much stress […]

Teen Money: A Guide for Teaching Teens Money Management

One of the best life lessons parents can teach their teens relates to managing their money. So many of us grow up without having an idea about how to make the most of our checking account, how to save for attainable goals, or how to budget and consider taxes. Teaching your teens how to manage […]

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