How a Teen Job Can Stregthen Your Teen’s Character

Is your teen constantly treating you like an ATM and getting irritable when you can’t give them the money they want? Have they asked you if they can get a part-time job? You may like the idea but may also have some concerns about it. Naturally, you want your teenager to focus on doing their […]

Ways You Can Take Control of Your Teen Acting Out

When your teenager starts to act out and misbehave, it can be challenging to know how to handle him and the situation. When he was younger, he likely responded to timeouts, restrictions, and other punishments. It’s a little bit different to try and manage a teenager. Now, he is more likely to slam doors, roll […]

Why Doesn’t My Teenager Want To Get Their License?

Getting their driver’s license is a monumental rite of passage for most teenagers and parents. Spending hours studying the handbook, getting their learner’s permit, and finally taking their driving test. The freedom to get behind the wheel and drive themselves anywhere can be incredible for teenagers. You may be simultaneously looking forward to him driving […]

Do You Not Like Your Teen? Here’s What That Means

Parenting can be wonderful, but it can also be challenging in so many ways. The highs and lows can bring an array of emotions, including some unexpected negative emotions. When you had a defiant toddler, you likely encountered some of those negative emotions, particularly when they threw tantrums in the grocery store or flatly refused […]

The Ethical Dillema of Tracking Your Child’s Location

With advancements in GPS technology, it seems that there are products and services available to track almost everything. There are even devices designed to help you track your car and your pets and devices designed to help you keep your keys or iPad from getting lost. For parents, some of the most interesting options include […]

Annoying Traits That Are Okay For Your Teen To Have

Let’s face it, teens can be frustrating and a little bit annoying at times. Feeling this way is entirely natural and doesn’t have to take away from how much you love them. The teen years bring with them countless changes and challenges for the whole family. As the parent of a teen, you may be […]

What To Do If Your Teen Runs Away

As parents, we do everything that we can to protect our children. If your teen threatens to run away or runs away, it can be frightening. Not knowing where they are or whether they are safe can set off a range of emotions and concerns. Whether this is the first time or the fifth time, […]

Social Issues That Are Impacting Teens Today

It’s no secret that the teen years can be challenging. Each generation of teens faces their own issues, quite often impacted by social concerns relevant to cultural influences. The worries that teens face today can look quite different from the concerns that their parents and grandparents faced. The teen years can be turbulent with the […]

Recognizing When Your Teen Is Troubled

It’s no secret that the teenage years can be tumultuous for both parents and teens. There are common behavior changes and problems that most teenagers struggle with. But some deeper issues can indicate you have a troubled teen to contend with. Knowing the difference between typical behavior for a teen versus behaviors that may be […]

Does Pot Really Make Teens Dull?

The stereotype of the dull and dazed pot smoker is one seen across countless movies and television shows. But is there any evidence to support that the use of marijuana can dull the brain of a teenager? If your troubled teen is smoking pot, you may have several questions and concerns surrounding this behavior. Addressing […]

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