Negative Thinking Patterns in Teens: What Are They and How To Break Them

“Nobody likes me dad! I feel like I’m a loser!”, Your troubled teen says to you for the hundredth time this year. While the tendency to exaggerate may seem normal to the adolescent experience, this tendency might also give you an insight into thoughts that your teen might be struggling with. In this article, you […]

Increase In Teen Eating Disorders During COVID-19

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway” –Steve Maraboli in his book Life, the Truth, and Being Free. Control and certainty are two things that human beings seek. These two things help you feel confident in yourself and in the world since you feel like you have […]

The Screen Time of Teens and Tips to Limit It

Teens are spending more time on their phones and other digital screens every single day on average of 7h 22m and multi-screen media use upwards of 10h 45m. And now with COVID-19 going on, teens may view screen time as one way of coping with various difficult emotions. This article will help you understand just […]

Your Teen’s Self Image and Why Social Media Is Not Helping

Your Teen’s Self Image and Why Social Media Is Not Helping Teenagers often spend a lot of time on social media. And now, with the lockdowns and physical distancing caused by COVID-19, they may rely more heavily on social media for a sense of identity, community, and meaning. That being said, this article will help […]

The Hardships Teens Face Today

The smiling little girl who held your hand as you walked her to her first grade class. The junior baseball games you rooted for with your son. “What happened to the relationship we used to have?,” You might be wondering as your teen develops. The truth is as your teen develops, they’re dealing with more […]

What To Do If Your Teen Is Lonely

There’s a pandemic going on and your teenager’s struggling with various feelings; namely, loneliness. Keeping this pandemic in mind, this article will help you understand the rise of the feelings of loneliness in teenagers, the effects of these feelings, and what you can do to help your teenager. Mental Health Pre and Post COVID-19: What […]

The Shifting Of Power: Tiktok And Snapchat Preferred Over Instagram Amongst Teens

Instagram. Snapchat. And now Tiktok. While all of these apps are forms of social media, they’re not all used the same. They also have differing levels of popularity. In this article, we’ll shift to Tiktok and Snapchat for teens and why these social media platforms are becoming more popular than Instagram.There are many ways that […]

Signs of Teenage Mental Illness to Keep an Eye Out For

In recent years, there has been increased awareness of the strain that modern society places on young people. The recent changes the world has experience with the COVID-19 epidemic have made the awareness of mental health issues in teens and children even more relevant. Most parents will miss many of the signs of a developing […]

Sending Your Son to a Therapeutic Boarding School Isn’t Failing

As parents, we like to think that we can handle everything that the world throws our way. When we are faced with the reality of raising children in modern society, with all of its complexities, many of us begin to wonder about our abilities as parents. If the usual supports of educational and spiritual supports, […]

Tips to Select the Best Treatment Program For Your Troubled Teen

You want the best for your child, but how do you know which therapeutic boarding school will be the right fit? There are so many options out there for troubled teens, and it can be tough to sort through them all to find the right one. Factors like cost, location, treatment plans, and specializations all […]

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