Therapeutic & Alternative Boarding Schools In New York

When New York parents are at the end of their rope in dealing with a troubled teenager, they have to face the ultimate reality that the teen is beyond what they can do to help. Often, when a teen is dealing with overwhelming emotional, behavioral and mental health issues, only professional help in therapeutic or alternative boarding schools in New York can really make a difference.

Help Your Teen Now is an invaluable resource for parents who are just starting the long journey of identifying what kinds of teen help programs there are, what their child needs, and which program to choose. Even though you may feel like you are alone in this, you aren’t. Help Your Teen Now is ready and waiting to assist you.

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Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate group that is dedicated to helping parents of troubled New York teens know what their options are. We aren’t affiliated with any program, facility or school, so the information you get from us is completely unbiased. Whether you contact us via phone or email, we will answer all your questions, every step of the way. We know what you are going through because Help Your Teen Now was started by a woman who had troubled teens of her own and nowhere to turn for guidance. To fill the need, she created a parent advocate group to share information and guide new parents in the process. Today, Help Your Teen Now continues to provide information on teen help programs in New York and across the country.

Alternative & Therapeutic Boarding Schools In New York State

School Name
School Style

Adirondack Leadership Expeditions


Wilderness Program

Hawk Circle


Wilderness Program

Christian Brothers Academy


Military School

La Salle Institute


Military School

New York Military Academy


Military School

Regulatory Laws For New York Therapeutic Boarding Schools

There are no requirements for Accreditation and Registration is optional with the Board of Regents. Only competent teachers may instruct students, but a certification is not specifically required. N.Y. Educ. Law §3204.2. The curriculum of private schools must be equivalent to the instruction given at public schools, including English, Geography, U.S. History, Civics, Hygiene, Physical Training, American history, N.Y. Educ. Law §3204.3 as well as instruction discouraging the misuse of alcohol and drugs.

Private school authorities may require that students be tested for drugs, including urine analysis. This is subject to written consent of the parents. N.Y. Educ. Law §912-a. Private facilities must train their pupils in safety drills and fire drills must be held at least 12 times a year using different exit methods and times of the day. An administrator failing to comply with this provision is guilty of a misdemeanor. N.Y. Educ. Law §807.

Private facilities are allowed the same health and welfare facilities that are available to public schools. This includes dental and physician services, dental hygienist, school psychologist, nurse, social worker and speech therapist. N.Y. Educ. Law §912.


Statistics for Troubled Teens In New York



7.7% of New York children are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD every year. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011 Study).



In 2016, over 8,000 babies were born to women under the age of 20, making New York 44th in the country for teen pregnancy. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2016 Study)



New York ranks 49th in the country for suicide and 10% of teens admit attempting suicide at least once. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2016 Study)



In a 2016 report by the CDC, 15% of New York teens admit abusing alcohol and 5% use cocaine. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2016 Study)


Juvenile arrests in New York for 2018 included; 72 teen arrests for aggravated assault, 66 teen arrests for robbery, 515 teen arrests for larceny, 354 teen arrests for drug abuse and 35 teen arrests for weapons violations. (The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 2018)



For the 2014-2015 school year, New York reported a 79.2% high school graduation rate. (U.S. Department of Education. 2014-2015)

State Summary

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Your path to helping your child and getting their life back together can start as soon as you call Help Your Teen Now. We will start off with a no-cost evaluation of your teen, which will allow us to narrow down the list of facilities and services. Every family’s needs are unique and you can utilize our free advice to answer questions from government benefit paperwork to a reference for a local therapist. We want every teen to have a chance at health and healing, and every parent to feel confident they have made the right choice.


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