We have people that we have worked with and helped send us letters and emails all the time, we wanted to share some of those with you.

Hi Jillian,
We wanted to thank you for helping us help our son, D. He is still attending Liahona Academy and is really doing well.  We couldn’t be more thrilled for him and for our family.  When we went to visit him in October, He told us that he wanted to finish the program and, maybe someday, even become a program director.  He has thanked us more than once for sending him there. We are going back next week to spend Christmas in St.George, and we are really excited to be together as a family for the first time since May. We are so thankful for all of the positive changes taking place in our son and in our family! We know that we owe you our sincerest thanks for helping us find the help we needed at Liahona!!

P and L


Today has been so difficult for my husband & I but I know we couldn’t have gotten through this any better without your assistance.  You are truly amazing in helping parents through this extremely difficult time. You are amazing and we’re so thankful for all of your help!


S & J

You have been like a guardian angel to my family since this started, I will forever be in your debt.  As hard, confusing, sad as this is I’m so happy our paths crossed and feel God has a plan for my son and that you are a light to the path.



Jillian, Yes it was, however I must say that on our last visit 4/15  WOW! My son is now coming back to who he was.  Yes I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, it is still out of my reach, but I can see it and I know that he can too.

I just want to say Thank you for everything.  This comes from the heart.

When I talk about the school, I start with you.  I finish with the staff and the progress of my son.

I do talk to a lot of people and I just hope that every bit of information I share may somehow save another child.

So again thanks for being a good person and a wonderful mother.


C. graduated at Level V plus with his High School degree from Liahona on July 13, 2012.  He started at Liahona Oct 7, 2011.  Parker and Thane worked C. super hard, to get him ready for all that life was going to throw at him as he started college on August 11th.  C. always had the smarts, and was accepted into 3 or 4 places here in the Carolinas.  More on his college choice in a minute.

C. took about 60 – 75 days to be “broken” after arriving at Liahona and begin to recognize is reckless nature was so hurtful, and to start unpeeling away in tons of therapy to the bottom of all of his thinking errors that caused him to be sent to Liahona in the 1st place.  It felt like around late Nov, early Dec last year, that C. began to “get it” and submit to authority and truly try to change.  He wasn’t perfect or his rehabilitation journey.  He continued to be busted for what the world calls “petty lies” but were so costly for our son.

He became Dr. Mangelson’s top English student and a “go to” leader for tutoring several of the challenged boys with grammar, writing, comprehension in reading in general.

This job assignment probably became the best blessing of them all, because of the following:

a)      He was allowed to help someone and receive the blessings of thankfulness from the other boys,

b)      He was able to just be nice, no “tough put ons or fronts”, and enjoy subtle comradery in an environment that once has to have huge privileges to enjoy that,

c)      And finally, he did feel good about himself when one of the other boys who received his tutoring, improved in their skills.

C. was home with us for about a month before he went to college.  He asked me in the Las Vegas airport the following:

1)      “Keep me accountable Dad, I want you to know what I am up to every day,”

2)      “Do not let me have a cell phone, I can use yours or the land line to call anybody I need to,”

3)      “And do not let me use a computer Dad – for at least 30 days.”

As we dropped off C.at The Citadel in Charleston, SC on August 11th, no freshman could have been more ready for the military and academic challenge that was about to be blasted on our son.  The Citadel is approximately a 170 old military college that is known for its rigorous military training, tough academics, 97% retention rate {if you make it past freshman year – you will graduate on time – by your 4thyear}, plus its continued success in getting jobs after graduation.  C. read about all of this and made this his #1 choice in Jan of this year.  He was accepted in April.

Five weeks into his experience, all is good thanks to the Lord and hard work and perseverance by C.

So, please know that life is equally just as tough for these troubled boys the day they get out of Liahona as the day they get in.  But it is themindset, the hundreds of hours of training, and the reality of initial isolation that seems to be so effective at Liahona that you two both represent.

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