Teen Drug Abuse

Teen drug abuse is a serious issue that should be addressed as soon as a parent discovers it. Often, teens do not fully understand the consequences of using drugs, especially the long-term impact on their lives. Teen drug abuse, if left untreated, can cause lasting damage and impact many more people than just the abuser. When your child’s health and safety are at risk, you must do everything you can to provide him or her with the professional help they need. Help Your Teen Now can guide you toward finding the right treatment facility that best fits your budget, your location and your family needs.

Teaching teens about the consequences of drug abuse must take place early in the teen’s life. Stressing the importance of making the choice not to do drugs is just part of the conversation between parents and children. It takes several conversations when your child is at different ages to really make sure they understand the short-term and long-term impact,  plus to understand the reasons why some people do drugs in the first place.

Teen drug abuse can often be the result of other underlying behavior or emotional issue. Ranging from aggression to impulsivity to low self-esteem, these underlying issues are what a professional therapist needs to treat in order to get the teen to stop turning to drugs as the solution. Other risk factors for teens and drugs include family history of drug abuse, trauma, peer pressure, poor social skills, and behavioral issues like ADD/ADHD or anxiety. No matter what the motivation is for your teen to do drugs, it’s critical that your teen gets professional help. At Help Your Teen Now, we can match the best facility to your needs.

Without treatment, teens who abuse drugs can encounter a range of challenges and struggles. Immediate consequences of drug abuse include impaired physical and mental judgement, compromised motor skills, unsafe sex, and inability to concentrate at work or school. Long-term consequences can include addiction, damage to liver and heart and psychotic episodes.

Whether your teen goes to a therapeutic boarding school, residential treatment facility or other professional program, it’s important for them to get professional help and still receive support from you as the parent. Part of a complete recovery program for teens who abuse drugs is to get parents on board with the root issues and their causes, plus learning how to support the child. The treatment facility will work hard to get to the cause of the drug abuse and treat both the physical and emotional/mental problems.

At Help Your Teen Now, we understand how hard it is to take that first step in tracking down the proper help. That’s why we, as a parent advocate group, are dedicated to helping parents just like you find the proper facilities for whatever issue your child is facing, such as drug abuse. If you are ready to get your child the help he or she needs in overcoming drug problems, just call to receive a free consultation. Help Your Teen Now has helped thousands of families, so lets add yours to our list.

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