Teenagers Dealing With Mental Health Issues

This piece is to help parents help their children,a lot of teenagers are struggling with mental health issues and would love to know you’re there for them,even if they don’t act like it Subtopics; •Common mental health issues teens face •How to know if your child is suffering •Why your child isn’t speaking up •How […]

How to Help Your Child Make Friends After a Move?

Hi, In my article, I will introduce ways to help your child make friends and adapt to moving to new surroundings. I will also make sure to include some alternative tools to keep your child safe and secure. Let me know if you like the idea and I will write a high-quality and informative article […]

How to Engage in Your Teen’s Digital World

Teens are inundated with more technology and social platforms than ever before. They are developing their sense of self and identity online and in person, which has advantages and dangers. This article will serve as a resource for how parents can engage teens’ online world and persona in a positive way that opens communication and […]

Sober Support: Where Teens Can Find Support As They Receive Help With Substance Abuse

Outside of religious organizations, there aren’t really programs or ready support systems for struggling teens who have struggled with substance abuse and are trying to stay sober. This lack of support can cause many teens to relapse, and leave them with crippling addictions as they transition into young adulthood. However, there is help and support […]

What It Takes To Keep Our Teens Off Drugs

Keeping your teen off drugs takes a proactive approach. You need to talk to them early on about the dangers of substance abuse. You should also learn about the drugs circulating among your teen’s peers and be able to spot signs your own child may be using. Do you have a teenager who’s already abusing […]

See the Reason Some Teens Are More Likely To Abuse Prescription Drugs

One of the biggest mistakes I see parents making is convincing themselves they will be able to tell their teen is abusing prescription drugs. The truth is prescription drug abuse is incredibly difficult to detect since the drugs generally do not have the same physical effect as illicit drugs. Some parents do not even consider […]

Residential Treatment Centers For Teens On the Cusp Of A Major Addiction Problem

If your teen begins dabbling in drugs, you might wonder how to cope or if you should intervene. You know other teens who have simply grown out of their drug use, and you don’t want to make a big deal out of it if your child is just going through a phase. However, if you […]

Vaping Delivers Highly Addictive Nicotine And More

So far it does look like vaping is a safer—but not without dangers of its own—alternative to tobacco cigarettes but this is only true as long as e-cigarettes are used correctly. E-Cigarettes Are Still Addictive E-cigarettes do deliver the drug nicotine—the same addictive compound in tobacco—in liquid form that is then heated by the electronic […]

Should A Parent OF A Drug Addict Go To Counseling?

Yes! More here on what you can do NOW to help your teen or adolsecent who is struggling with a drug problem.

Is Family Counseling Covered By Health Insurance?

Maybe. Health insurance companies will pay for family therapy and counseling only if you or your teen are given a diagnosis that requires family counseling. More on this ins and outs of insurance coverage for family counseling here.

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