9 Ways Parents of Bipolar Teens Can Help

If your teen has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you may feel overwhelmed as you consider how you can help. Parenting a bipolar teen can be frustrating and stressful. You must take care of your own needs and avoid blaming yourself for the challenging behavior that your teen demonstrates. With the adoption of several helpful […]

What Screen Time is Doing To Teens

We live in an increasingly connected world, with an increasing reliance on gadgets in our lives. When was the last time that everyone in your family went a full day without looking at a screen? Screen time is unavoidable, it seems, even for our teens. They need their smartphones to keep up with their school […]

How a Teen Job Can Stregthen Your Teen’s Character

Is your teen constantly treating you like an ATM and getting irritable when you can’t give them the money they want? Have they asked you if they can get a part-time job? You may like the idea but may also have some concerns about it. Naturally, you want your teenager to focus on doing their […]

Ways You Can Take Control of Your Teen Acting Out

When your teenager starts to act out and misbehave, it can be challenging to know how to handle him and the situation. When he was younger, he likely responded to timeouts, restrictions, and other punishments. It’s a little bit different to try and manage a teenager. Now, he is more likely to slam doors, roll […]

How Do You Discipline A Teenager Who Does Not Care About Consequences

If you have a troubled teen that doesn’t seem to care about the consequences of their actions, then this article will be very useful to you. In this article, you’ll discover why your troubled teen might not care about the consequences and what you can do to help them. Discipline a Teen Who Doesnt Care […]

So You Caught Your Teen Sexting, Here’s What To Do Next

For the most part, the parents of today’s current crop of teens didn’t have cell phones when they were teenagers, so they didn’t have to struggle with sexting. That alone can make it difficult for parents to approach their teens about the subject. But once you catch your teen sexting, it is time to step […]

6 Reasons Why Your Teen Hates School (And What To Do About It)

Most parents hear their children say at one point, “I hate school.” As education is their main job, and likely their key source of stress, it is not unusual for teens to express their dislike of school. But problems come up when that dislike goes from the occasional complaint to constant comments on how bad […]

Preventing Teen Pregnancy: The Role of Young Men

Teenage pregnancies were first diagnosed as a major social issue in the 70s and is still a major risk factor facing teens today. Since then there has been plenty of research into which interventions work and which do not. However, there has been a glaring omission when it comes to the role that young men […]

What Parents Need to Know about the Rise in Suicide Attempts by Poisoning

The suicide rate is rising for all age groups across the United States, but especially among adolescents and young adults. More teenagers attempt suicide by intentional self-poisoning than any other suicide method. Self-poisoning can include an intentional drug overdose or exposure to some other toxic substance, such as drinking bleach or breathing in carbon monoxide. […]

Take Heart Parents, You Are Not Alone in This

It’s a universal truth that there is no perfect family. There are no perfect parents or perfect children. There are millions of parents, across the country, and around the world, who have problems with their teenage children. Countless parents across the globe are searching for ways to help their struggling teen. Teen years are tumultuous […]

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