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Residential Treatment Centers: Licensing and Regulations

When your troubled teen is continuing to struggle, and nothing seems to be working, most parents begin to look toward solutions such as residential treatment centers. As a residential treatment center’s immersive and therapeutic environment is a large commitment of time, resources, and require that parents send their teen away, this is not an easy […]

​Behavior Modification Benefits For Teens Struggling With Depression

Has your teen been experiencing more than just the hormonal mood shifts and blues of their adolescent years? Are you worried at the level of depression they feel and how it has been impacting their life? Around 20% of teens will face a serious depression by the time they are in their 20’s. This is […]

​Helping Teens Manage Back To School Anxiety

As we round the corner into August, it is time to start thinking about back to school. For some teenagers, this is a fun time where they get to see their friends again, get back into their routines and edge a little bit further into their futures. It is no wonder they find it so […]

​Your Depressed Teen May Benefit From A Therapeutic Boarding School

Your teen can be sad from time to time. They can have a bad day, feel moody, snap at their siblings, not want to talk. All of that is normal for anyone of any age and can be worse when dealing with the hormones of adolescence. It takes time to learn to process emotions and […]

​Risk Factors Facing Troubled Teen Boys In The United States

Being a teen is harder now than perhaps it ever was. The high stress of demanded perfection, uncertainty about the future and the competitive nature of high school and college life is difficult enough. But when your teen is struggling with the modern day problems associated with young people today it is even more of […]

​Preparing Your Teen To Begin Treatment At A Therapeutic Boarding School

You have tried everything in your power to help your teen. They have been in therapy, support groups, on medication, involved in community service, in trouble with the school and even the law. Nothing seems to be working and you are at the end of your tether. Something has to change so it is time […]

​Treating Depression At A Residential Treatment Center For Troubled Youth

Depression has been among one of the most misunderstood issues we have in the mental illness lexicon. This is especially true for teenagers, who often hear that their depression is simple problem caused by hormones, or just a down mood and they should suck it up. This thinking is dangerous. Suicide is the second leading […]

​Teaching Teens How to Effectively Resolve Conflicts

No one is born with the ability to effectively resolve a conflict. It is a skill that is developed over time and can be harder at certain ages than others. During the younger years the human brain is underdeveloped. As each year passes, things become more solid, more formed and more productive. But in between, […]

​Helping Your Troubled Teen: Which States Offer The Most Protection For Teens In Residential Treatment Centers?

Did you know that in some states it is legal for a teenager, even one who is underage, to check themselves out of a hospital or treatment center without their parents permission? It is a loophole that has led to many problems with teens leaving residential treatment and ending up missing. If you have a […]

Let’s Talk Troubled Teens: Considering An Out-Of-State Boarding School

Seeking out-of-state treatment is not unusual for parents with a seriously ill child. So, when it comes to troubled teens, the necessary treatment for their troubles may also be best found outside of the family’s home state. If your family is unsure whether or not your troubled teen can benefit from an out-of-state boarding school, […]

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