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Tips to Get Your Teen to Wear Their Mask

This fall, the change in seasons brings with it more than the usual back to school challenges and scents of pumpkin spice. As states and school systems struggle to open safely and establish a new sustainable normal, most young people are being asked to wear masks in public. The simple act of getting your child […]

Five Tips to Improve Your Teen’s Social Skills

In the modern age of education, it has become much more difficult for teens to acquire adequate social skills that are key for personal development. Remote classes and social isolation have made communication much more difficult, depriving teens of necessary social interaction. However, it is still necessary for parents to find a way to let […]

6 Things You Can Say That Will Change Your Teen’s Life

What parents say to their teenagers can have a massive impact on their lives. The old adage, “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me” doesn’t apply when it comes to parents speaking to their teens. Even when angry with their parents, teens are still children who want the love […]

Why The “Tear Them Down And Build Them Up” Boot Camp Mentality Is Ineffective

For parents who are at their wits’ end trying to manage their wildly misbehaving teens, sending their teenagers to a military school or boot camp for discipline may sound like the best option. Unfortunately, the kind of “tear them down and build them back up” that is endorsed by boot camps and military schools is […]

A Therapeutic Boarding School Is The Way To Go, Not A Boot Camp

There are many troubled teen programs to consider when parents are looking for help for their struggling son or daughter. Often, the decision for many parents come down between a therapeutic boarding school or a boot camp. So, if you are caught between these choices, how do you know which is right for your troubled […]

Dear Mothers of Troubled Teens in Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Mother’s Day approaches and your family doesn’t look like the scenes portrayed in Hallmark movies or florist commercials. It’s not the perfect family. Here’s a universal truth: There is no perfect family. The reality is that your teen is in a therapeutic boarding school, and you may not be able to visit with him or […]

National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month: Your Teen Son Definitely Needs to Recognize His Role

Often, teenage boys are a mere footnote in the discussion surrounding teen pregnancy, with most of the responsibility and shame heaped on the pregnant girl. Don’t get us wrong, we here at Liahona Treatment Center are not advocating for greater shame on struggling teens. In fact, we are here to encourage just the opposite for […]

You Suspect Your Teen Has a Drug Addiction, What Do You Do Next?

The signs are there. Your teen has had drastic changes in behavior.  Maybe he’s been more secretive and withdrawn. Maybe she’s been failing her classes at school. Your teen may be sick more often or looks pale and thin.  Maybe you’ve found drug paraphernalia in her room or backpack. Maybe you’ve actually caught him when […]

Top 5 States Looking for Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

Parents in Georgia, Texas, California, Florida, and New York often search for boot camps or military schools when they are looking for help with their troubled teens.  Parents may believe that when teens are out of control, the stern discipline and strong structure of these kinds of schools will “straighten them out”.  Before you decide […]

Environment & Influences Make All the Difference for Struggling Teens

When teens are struggling, whether it’s with psychological, emotional or behavioral issues, the environment and influences around them can make a world of difference. Influences in The Home Struggling teens need nurturing and supportive parents and family.  They need to be supervised and disciplined in a consistent and appropriate manner.  They need to feel safe […]

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