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Dear Mothers of Troubled Teens in Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Mother’s Day approaches and your family doesn’t look like the scenes portrayed in Hallmark movies or florist commercials. It’s not the perfect family. Here’s a universal truth: There is no perfect family. The reality is that your teen is in a therapeutic boarding school, and you may not be able to visit with him or […]

You Suspect Your Teen Has a Drug Addiction, What Do You Do Next?

The signs are there. Your teen has had drastic changes in behavior.  Maybe he’s been more secretive and withdrawn. Maybe she’s been failing her classes at school. Your teen may be sick more often or looks pale and thin.  Maybe you’ve found drug paraphernalia in her room or backpack. Maybe you’ve actually caught him when […]

Top 5 States Looking for Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

Parents in Georgia, Texas, California, Florida, and New York often search for boot camps or military schools when they are looking for help with their troubled teens.  Parents may believe that when teens are out of control, the stern discipline and strong structure of these kinds of schools will “straighten them out”.  Before you decide […]

Environment & Influences Make All the Difference for Struggling Teens

When teens are struggling, whether it’s with psychological, emotional or behavioral issues, the environment and influences around them can make a world of difference. Influences in The Home Struggling teens need nurturing and supportive parents and family.  They need to be supervised and disciplined in a consistent and appropriate manner.  They need to feel safe […]

Things To Pay Attention To When Searching For Therapeutic Boarding Schools Online

There are a lot of choices and a lot of information online, which makes finding the right therapeutic boarding school for your teen both confusing and difficult. As you’re looking for solutions, consider the following: Find the right fit. First, you want to find a therapeutic boarding school that specializes in the kind of therapy […]

Resources To Aid You in Finding The Right Boarding School For Your Struggling Son

The choice to send a child to the right boarding school for boys is not one made lightly. There are many factors that go into the decision, especially when other options have been exhausted. But for parents with a son who is struggling, whether from behavioral issues or mental disorders, can be incredibly stressful for […]

Why Choose A Therapeutic Boarding School That Offers Behavior Modification

Families with troubled children suffer through a lot in trying to reconcile them. Many children and teens struggle with various conditions that can cause disruptive behavior, such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, mental health or personality disorders. Before receiving a diagnosis, it can be incredibly difficult for parents to find a solution. For many troubled […]

Consider Treatment At A Therapeutic Boarding School Specifically For Boys

When you decide to send your son to a residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, there are many considerations. Chief among these are which facility is best and how your family can afford your child’s stay. Another consideration mirrors a long-running debate in the K-12 education system at large. Should your […]

Preventing And Treating Teen Alcohol Abuse

It may seem inevitable that at some point your teen will experiment with drinking. The numbers bear out the very real possibility your teen will succumb to the lure of liquor. In a recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 30 percent of high school students reported drinking in […]

How To Discipline A Teen That Doesn’t Care

  Let’s look at an imaginary but all-too-real scenario. You caught your teenager sneaking out of the house and, as a result, have confiscated their cell phone. You’ve done everything a sensible parent can do, like reminding your adolescent why you need to know their whereabouts. You’ve also hit them right where it hurts, in […]

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