Teen Drug Abuse And The Law

Besides creating immense physical, mental and emotional problems with teens, drug abuse can significantly affect their futures, specifically when it comes to legal ramifications. Teen drug abuse and the law is something that parents wish their children to avoid, so getting the teens the help they need is critical in keeping them safe and healthy. At Help Your Teen Now, we are ready to provide guidance in getting your teen into a reputable drug treatment facility.

When parents learn that their teen has a drug problem, the situation has moved far beyond having a talk with the child or providing punishments like grounding. When a teen is abusing drugs, there are deep issues and powerful addictions at play that need professional therapy to untangle. Therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers and other teen facilities can provide that level of care the teen needs.

Some of the consequences that teens can face when they struggle with drug abuse include alcohol abuse, broken relationships, poor academic performance, truancy, injuries from accidents or overdoses, criminal activities and in some extreme cases, suicide. Because drug use affects cognitive abilities and behaviors, the risk is greater for teens to get seriously injured while on drugs, such as in a car accident.

Studies show that teens who abuse drugs are more likely to be sexually active but not necessarily seuxally responsible, opening the door for seuxally transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Also, teens who abuse drugs are often abusing alcohol as well, compounding the problems they face. Teens who abuse drugs are more likely to develop depression, memory loss, apathy, and other psychosocial problems.

Because drugs and alcohol for youth are illegal, a teen who abuses drugs is also likely to run into trouble with the law. If the teen is apprehended, most likely it means a stay in the juvenile detention program, which can further derail the teen from a more healthy path.  It’s not uncommon for teen drug abuse to lead to crimes to support the habit, such as theft or even dealing drugs to make money. Drugs are linked to a range of social and criminal justice issues and teen drug use is often the starting point for many offenders.

If you are worried that your teen isn’t getting proper help and suffers from a drug addiction, it’s a good idea to work with your child’s therapist and doctor. They can help you determine if your teen is a candidate for a therapeutic boarding school or other facility.  Help Your Teen Now has vast resources that can provide you with information on a range of programs across the country. As a parent advocate group, we are not affiliated with any one program or facility, which means you can get peace of mind knowing that our advice is not biased in  any way. Contact Help Your Teen now for a free consultation.

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