Is A Therapeutic Boarding School In Florida Going To Seem Like A Vacation For My Troubled Teen


If you are planning to send your teen to a therapeutic boarding school In Florida, you might wonder if he or she will take the program seriously or if your child will act like they are on vacation instead. The administration and staff understand your concerns and realize that your focus is your child’s academic achievement and their overall success.

Benefits of a Florida Therapeutic Boarding School

Although the state boasts one of the best environments in the nation, our therapeutic boarding school in Florida still takes its responsibility to your child seriously. Instead, the mild temperatures and beautiful weather year-round mean that your teen will not be inhibited by poor weather. He or she can spend lots of time outdoors, exercising and getting into shape. We have found that exercise is a key component for healthy teens and incorporate it into our program. Year-round, the temperate Florida climate offers a wonderful and holistic environment for your teen to help them recover in body, soul and spirit.

Like other programs across the nation, we provide a wide range of services, such as a rigorous academic program, a structured environment, a focus on healthy self-esteem, group and individual counseling and substance abuse treatment. While our therapeutic boarding school in Florida is less restrictive than prison, your teen will learn discipline in a military-style atmosphere intended to instill lifelong habits that will serve him or her well for years after graduation. We have found that the climate is not a distraction to students but that it actually enhances their experience.

Enhancing Your Child’s Experience at a Florida Boarding School

Parents can help their child maximize their time at a A therapeutic boarding school In Florida. Review some of the following ideas for specific ways to encourage your teen:

Look at the root cause of the issues and why he or she is acting out. While you might also need to clarify your expectations with the staff, make sure that your teen understands what is at stake and the importance of their attendance at boarding school. Help your teen identify and verbalize difficult experiences that happened even before he or she entered school. The pain of a challenging event at age three or four has framed his or her entire life. However, they might not know how to properly express their feelings and instead act out. Communicate with your teen. You can be a positive influence to your child just by listening to what he or she wants to share. They are looking for your acceptance and want to feel safe at home and emotionally connect with you as their parents. Open lines of communication go a long way toward improving your relationship. Enter into your child’s world. Take the time to learn what interests them. Talk a lot at home. Research shows that the more you speak at home, the less trouble your child is likely to get into outside of your home. Even if you joke and talk about silly subjects, you are helping them bond with you, which can open the door to talking about important subjects. Fulfill your responsibility as a parent. While you want open communication, you might need to make difficult decisions that your child won’t like. Your role is to act as a parent, not a buddy. You are responsible for his or her safety, even if you need to intervene in a life-threatening situation. Establish safe boundaries. Allow your teen a sense of control over his or her environment. Give them gradual choices to help them learn to make good decisions.

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