Boot Camps vs. Military Schools vs. Therapeutic Boarding Schools vs. Residential Treatment Centers

It’s heartbreaking when parents have reached the point with their troubled teenager that they have to choose a resident care center. Plagued by emotional and behavioral difficulties, teenagers often find themselves struggling with school, home and community life. Many parents who have tried their best come to the realization that a resident teen help program […]

Activities that Help Your Teen at a Boys’ Ranch

Perhaps you’re considering sending your son to a boys ranch, or maybe you’ve already decided. You might wonder what he will be doing while he’s there. Nearly all of the activities are planned so that your son can maximize his time spent on the ranch. Read on for more information about these activities and how […]

What Happens At A Therapy Focused Boarding School In Northern Utah

Sending your child to a therapeutic boarding school can be a nerve wracking experience. You essentially have to hand your troubled child over to people you barely know. In this experience there is so much unknown all you can do is trust the therapeutic treatments the school uses. However there are things you can do […]

Utah Offers Great Treatment Centers for Troubled Youth

Young people today face an enormous amount of peer pressure and are barraged with negative influences from the media. Some children have the added difficulty of suffering a traumatic life experience, such as divorce, physical or sexual assault, the loss of a loved one, or emotional or verbal abuse. Because each teen possesses his own […]

A Therapeutic Approach to Helping Troubled Boys in Utah

Many parents search for hope for a brighter future for their troubled sons. When a child faces overwhelming problems, such as substance abuse, attention disorders, anger problems, depression and addictive behaviors, the entire family suffers. If traditional counseling and therapy have had little or no success, many boys and their families are left feeling hopeless […]

Why Southern Utah Has Great Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys

Therapeutic boarding school is an educational school for struggling middle- and high-schoolers. In addition to academics, the school offers behavioral and mental health counseling in order to address the serious issues that are at the root of their struggles. These schools differ from wilderness therapy programs, which focuses on a short-term survival program, usually in […]

Utah Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Families Rebuild

Now that you have sent your child to a Utah boarding school, you are wondering what to expect when he returns home. You have been involved in the program from day one and want to create the best possible environment at your residence in order to help your family rebuild upon his homecoming. The following […]

Why Parents Should Consider A Therapeutic Boarding School In Utah

When you have a teen who is dealing with behavioral and emotional issues, you might have tried numerous types of treatment, therapy and school support. If the situation is not improving, your family has likely been thrown into an upheaval as your son’s behavior is negatively affecting everyone in your home. In the meantime, you […]

How To Choose Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls

The enrollment in therapeutic boarding schools for girls is on the rise, because so many parents and teen girls are finding success in overcoming behavioral challenges. Some girls who struggle with behavioral issues, mental health problems or other challenges may find it extremely difficult to succeed in school, in relationships and in the workplace. Whether […]

3 Common Thoughts Before Sending Troubled Teens To Military School

Military school for troubled teens may be the solution to a worried parent’s problem of what to do with their defiant, out-of-control child. While typical teenage rebellion is to be expected, when kids become aggressive, defiant, abusive, and irresponsible, it is definitely time to consider that they may need the structure and support of a […]

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