It’s Not What You Think: Myths About Military School For Troubled Teens Debunked

When we look at our military service members, we see hard-working individuals who are orderly and dependable. This is why many parents consider sending their difficult teen to a military school for behavior modification. The idea is that a little tough love and a structured schedule will set out kids in order. However, we have […]

Families Reap The Benefits When Troubled Teens Attend Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Often, the families of troubled teens are focused on how therapeutic boarding schools can help their troubled teen. However, the families can also reap the benefits of their teen attending a therapeutic boarding school. Families Receive Help For Loved Ones At Therapeutic Boarding Schools By the time families decide to send their teens away to […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving With Teens At A Therapeutic Boarding School

If your teen is going to be still attending a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens or you are considering sending your teen away before the holidays begin, it may be tough to know how to celebrate Thanksgiving. As your parental advocate and expert on troubled teen programs, we parents here at Help Your Teen […]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools: Medical Licensing and Services

If you’ve been considering sending your struggling teenager to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, you are likely wondering what qualifications these schools possess to be caring for your child. Therapeutic boarding schools are not a homogenous group, and there can be high variability in what your troubled teen will receive depending on where […]

Holistic Learning At Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Standard educational methods often fall short when it comes to preparing teenagers to become successful young adults. This shortfall becomes glaringly apparent when trying to help a troubled teen succeed in the public school system. When this system breaks down, troubled teens often experience suspensions and expulsions, but nothing to really help the teen catch […]

Boot Camps vs. Military Schools vs. Therapeutic Boarding Schools vs. Residential Treatment Centers

It’s heartbreaking when parents have reached the point with their troubled teenager that they have to choose a resident care center. Plagued by emotional and behavioral difficulties, teenagers often find themselves struggling with school, home and community life. Many parents who have tried their best come to the realization that a resident teen help program […]

Activities that Help Your Teen at a Boys’ Ranch

Perhaps you’re considering sending your son to a boys ranch, or maybe you’ve already decided. You might wonder what he will be doing while he’s there. Nearly all of the activities are planned so that your son can maximize his time spent on the ranch. Read on for more information about these activities and how […]

What Happens At A Therapy Focused Boarding School In Northern Utah

Sending your child to a therapeutic boarding school can be a nerve wracking experience. You essentially have to hand your troubled child over to people you barely know. In this experience there is so much unknown all you can do is trust the therapeutic treatments the school uses. However there are things you can do […]

Utah Offers Great Treatment Centers for Troubled Youth

Young people today face an enormous amount of peer pressure and are barraged with negative influences from the media. Some children have the added difficulty of suffering a traumatic life experience, such as divorce, physical or sexual assault, the loss of a loved one, or emotional or verbal abuse. Because each teen possesses his own […]

A Therapeutic Approach to Helping Troubled Boys in Utah

Many parents search for hope for a brighter future for their troubled sons. When a child faces overwhelming problems, such as substance abuse, attention disorders, anger problems, depression and addictive behaviors, the entire family suffers. If traditional counseling and therapy have had little or no success, many boys and their families are left feeling hopeless […]

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