Is A Christian Boarding School What My Teen Needs?


Because of all the different types of teen help facilities out there, it’s difficult for parents to decide which type of program is the best for their child. therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness camps, working ranches, and Christian programs all have different aspects, but are united in the goal of healing teens and helping them turn their lives around.

For parents who are wondering whether a Christian boarding school is a better option that a non-religious boarding school, the answer is that it depends on the family goals and the teen’s needs.

Here are 3 factors to consider in whether or not a Christian boarding school is right for a troubled teen:

  1. Is the teen is a practicing Christian? Christian boarding schools use religious messages and approaches to healing and therapy that may resonate with a teen who holds strong religious beliefs. Many religious teens respond well to scripture lessons and Christian philosophies when it comes to turning over a new leaf. Christian boarding schools are quite good at blending therapy and academic programs with the religious elements. However, parents should keep in mind that many rebellious troubled teens reject the traditions of their parents and that includes religion. If a teen is hostile toward all things religious, a Christian boarding school may not be the right choice, but there are plenty of non-religious boarding schools for troubled youth.
  2. Is there a good balance between religious, therapeutic and academic components of the program? The most successful Christian boarding schools place equal importance on all areas of healing, growing and learning. Parents should watch for any signs that a Christian boarding school is not staffed with licensed professional, from therapists and counselors to teachers and medical staff. There must be more to a Christian boarding school to promote healing and development than the religious component.
  3. Does the program match family beliefs, philosophies and values? Not all Christian boarding schools are the same, and there are a range of different options for parents to choose from. During the research phase of choosing a Christian boarding school, parents should make sure their home values match up with the ideals and practices of the schools. Different denominations have varying beliefs, so a religious family may want to ensure that the boarding school philosophies and teachings are in line with their personal beliefs.

All therapeutic boarding schools provide therapy, recreational activities, academic programs and social structure, but Christian boarding schools for troubled youth usually incorporate a spiritual or religious component, such as religious devotionals, church services and such. Parents who feel that a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens may be the answer should do their research to discover which program best meets their needs.

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