How Boarding Schools help teens with ADHD

When teens have been diagnosed with ADHD as children and still struggle with the condition in adolescence, many parents feel that the current public school isn’t really the right place to help their child. Teens with ADHD and boarding schools may not seem like a viable option, but schools that focus on therapy and academics may be able to help struggling teens.


Traditional schools have limited resources to help children that need individualized education plans, so many parents consider therapeutic boarding schools. These specialized schools provide a safe and structured place for teens to get the individualized help for schoolwork plus the therapy they need to overcome the challenges of the condition.


What is ADHD?

ADHD is a condition diagnosed in childhood that is considered a developmental disorder. Usually detected in children around age 5, it is the most common psychiatric disorder in the United States for children and teens. While scientists are still not completely sure what causes ADHD, they are slowly realizing that it is likely a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Symptoms include hyperactivity, inability to focus, struggle to communicate and learning disabilities.


What is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

When teens struggle to find success with peers and academics in a traditional school, some parents look to therapeutic boarding schools for answers. The schools have professional therapists to help teens with ADHD work on behavioral therapy and to find the right combination of medicine to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD. The schools also work with the teen to set up a customized education plan so that he or she can work at their own pace but still be challenged to succeed. The boarding schools generally have plenty of activities to keep teens busy, from outdoor sports to recreational activities to cultural outings. Therapeutic boarding schools are some of the best options for teens and parents who find that traditional schools no longer work for them.


Pros and Cons of Boarding School

There are several pros and cons when it comes to sending a teen with ADHD to therapeutic boarding school. While it is often difficult for parents to make the decision to enroll their child into a school where they will be away from home, sometimes there is not a better solution for the teen. If the teen is to have a real hope of overcoming behavioral, academic and social challenges, an intensive, supportive boarding school experience may be the answer.


Some of the pros of a therapeutic boarding school for teens with ADHD include:

  • Access to licensed, professional therapists
  • Interaction with teachers specially trained to work with teens with ADHD
  • A peer group that is more understanding of the condition
  • Tailored academic plan designed to help the teen succeed
  • Structured atmosphere to help teens learn social skills
  • Safe and secure from adversity, like bullies


There are a few cons for therapeutic boarding schools for teen with ADHD, and they include:

  • Away from parental supervision and contact
  • Cost
  • Far from any current friends and activities


Many parents gain peace of mind knowing that their teen does not have to face ADHD alone. Instead, there are teams of professionals ready to put the teen on the path to success with understanding, care and compassion. Because there are so many different boarding schools out there, parents should work hard to pick the best one for their child. The right boarding school can help a teen with ADHD gain the tools he or she needs to gain control of the future and find success.



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