A Troubled Boys Ranch Can Offer The Unique Therapy Method Your Boy Needs


When you are the parent of a troubled teen boy, you would do anything you could to ensure that he gets the professional help he needs to transform from a rebellious and selfish child to a happy and successful adult. There are many teen help programs out there for troubled boys, such as residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness camps and work ranches. A troubled boys ranch can offer the unique therapy method your boy needs to turn over a new leaf and start the healing process.

What is a Troubled Boys Ranch?

Of all the troubled teen programs out there, a troubled boys ranch is one that may parents believe is the right choice for their child. A boys ranch is designed to take teens from their current, negative lives and put them in a secure and structured atmosphere where they are given the tools to make positive changes. Qualified, licensed staff members supervise and guide teens toward a better life, while learning to work hard and contribute to the community.

Who Can Go to a Troubled Boys Ranch?

Teens with a number of emotional, mental and behavioral issues may attend a boys ranch. Some of the more common challenges that teen students have include ADHD, ADD, anxiety, bipolar, depression, substance abuse, abuse trauma, eating disorders, mental illness and low self-esteem, among others. Once a doctor or psychologist has identified your teen’s unique issues, you can start to search for a boys ranch that specializes in that condition.

What is a Typical Day at a Boys Ranch Like?

A typical day at a boys ranch involves a number of different activities. Teen boys will live in a type of house or dormitory and be responsible for a number of chores, from meal prep to cleaning to laundry. There are classes to attend and after school activities as well. Individual and group therapy is an important part of the day, and work therapy, such as equine therapy or other active component. Students are generally not allowed to have electronic devices like phones or game systems, and they can talk to their families at set times.

No matter what kind of problems your teenage son is going through, the help and therapy that he receives at a boys ranch will turn his life around. Even if it seems impossible right now, you can have peace of mind that eventually, your son will learn the work ethic and skills he needs to overcome his challenges and become a successful adult.

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