When Your Teen Son’s Violent Behavior Puts Family Members at Risk

When Your Teen Son’s Violent Behavior Puts Family Members at Risk

Teenage boys can be just as big as adult men are. They also can have just as much power. This can become a problem if they become violent.

Since adolescent boys are still trying to figure out how to manage their emotions, they can sometimes lash out at the people around them. While they may not intend to hurt them, there is a high risk that they will.

If your teen son has exhibited violent behavior that puts family members at risk, it’s important to take immediate action. The more you let it go, the worse it will get, and no one wants to become hurt.

Zero Tolerance

Implementing rules and consequences for breaking them is the first step in controlling violent behavior. There should be a discussion about the violent behavior exhibited. It should be made known that there is zero tolerance for violent behavior. If there is any indication that there will be violence, possible solutions should be implemented (taking a walk or going to his bedroom). If he commits a violent act, such as hitting someone, there should be consequences. This can include anything from having technology taken away, not being able to hang out with friends, or any other punishment.

Call the Police

When your teenage son becomes violent, call the police. He must learn that the law will intervene when he behaves this way.

It can be frightening to have the police come and speak with your son, but it may be the one thing that will scare him enough to get him to change. The fear of a detention center can help keep teens from losing control.

Reach Out for Professional Help

There’s a reason your teenage son is behaving violently. It can be difficult to uncover that reason without the help of a professional. A therapist can use effective strategies to reveal the root of the problem, so you, your son and the therapist can work on better ways to cope with his emotions.

Turn to Troubled Teen Programs

Troubled teen programs at therapeutic boarding schools can help violent teens. By enrolling in one of these programs, troubled boys will have around the clock care. They will work with a therapist, psychiatrist, and teachers to understand why they have become violent and work on ways to handle situations in an acceptable manner.

Do not risk the safety of the members of your family. Take action now by setting rules and implementing consequences. If that doesn’t work, try calling the police or reach out for professional help from a therapist. If everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked, it may be time to consider a troubled teen program that specializes in violent troubled teens.

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