What to know about therapeutic boarding schools for girls

Unless you or a close relative has attended a therapeutic boarding school for girls, you are probably very unsure about what goes on at one of these facilities. Most likely, you have some misunderstandings about what goes on at therapeutic boarding schools for girls based on media interpretations. In reality, what to know about boarding schools for girls is that they are professional facilities designed to help troubled teens, just like your daughter.

So what really happens at therapeutic boarding schools and what information do you really need to know. There are three important factors to a successful therapeutic boarding school program:

Factor #1. Therapy

The most important thing that a therapeutic boarding school does is to get your teen into regular counseling with a professionally trained and licensed adolescent therapist. Individual and group therapy is a key part of getting your daughter to understand herself and others. Behavior therapy is included throughout the day as an incentive to do well and earn rewards. Reinforcing positive behavior all day long will help your teen know what to expect and what the rules are as she seeks to succeed.

Factor #2. School

The academic factor is important at therapeutic boarding schools. Just because your daughter is receiving therapy for her issues doesn’t mean that school is going away or that she shouldn’t do her best to keep up with her academics. Therapeutic boarding schools boast small class sizes, excellent teachers and individualized learning plans for each student.

Factor #3. Recreation

Whether a student is participating in an after-school club like drama or science or canoeing across a lake, there is always something to do at a therapeutic boarding school. The staff at these facilities believe that teens can benefit from physical activity, boost their self esteem by setting and achieving goals and create strong bonds and relationships with others. Plus, these activities are fun and troubled teens need to remember how pleasure able and productive life can be.

There’s no doubt about it, troubled teenage girls who attend a therapeutic boarding school can overcome their challenges, whether behavioral or mental, and learn new coping skills that will better position them to accomplish their desires in life. If you are considering sending your teenage girl to a therapeutic boarding school, you’ll know that at the end, she will learn a lot about herself and regain her health and wellness.

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