What To Expect In Homes For Troubled Girls

A group home for troubled girls can be the ideal place for your teenage daughter who may be experiencing behavior issues. A group home is a homelike facility with constant supervision, support and therapy for troubled girls. This safe, therapeutic environment is idea for teens who struggle with a range of issues, like ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and more. However, before you send your teenage daughter to one of these facilities, it’s helpful to know what to expect in homes for troubled girls.


Group homes generally run on very strict schedules. The predictability may seem restrictive but it is actually very therapeutic for troubled teen girls to live in an atmosphere of stability and consistency. Set bedtimes, mealtimes and more help teens plan their day and grow comfortable with the routines of life. It’s especially beneficial if the teenage girls have come from a more chaotic environment.


To teach responsibility as well as asking teens to become a contributor to the household, staff members assign chores that must be completed. This teaches teens to serve others, take pride in a job well done and can even be used to reinforce positive behavior. Chores generally involve cleaning, shopping and cooking. Chores also teach teens how to take care of themselves and other and learn good life skills for the future.


There are clear rules that staff enforce and positive behavior reinforcement is used to encourage participation. Most homes use a tiered system of privileges that can be earned based on setting and achieving goals, from schoolwork to therapy to entertainment. Negative behavior results in a revoking of privileges.

Life Lessons

Group homes aim to teach teens several life lessons. Activities designed to boost self-esteem, learn new skills and teach that there are consequences to actions are all part of the curriculum.


Individual and group therapy is a key part of addressing the root of a troubled teenage girl’s behaviour problems. Licensed, trained professionals work with teens on a daily and weekly basis to teach them new coping skills, how to modify their behavior and how to make better life choices. Family therapy is also an important part of repairing relationships and gaining trust and acceptance.

The unique environment of group homes helps troubled teens by stripping away the negative distractions in their lives, like technology or bad friends, and helps them to focus on their individual needs. In this safe, structured, caring environment, troubled teenage girls learn to master their moods and overcome their problems to progress in school, in relationships and in life.

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