What is Happening in the Mind of a Troubled Teen Girl with ADHD

What-is-Happening-in-the-Mind-of-a-Troubled-Teen-Girl-with-ADHDIf your daughter is struggling with ADHD, you may understand a little of the challenges she faces daily. There are many different signs and manifestations of ADHD in girls, and although most of the ADHD focus tends to highlight boys, there are many things that make ADHD hard in unique ways for teen girls.

When your teenage girl is diagnosed with ADHD, it can compound other problems she may have, like low self-esteem, or lead to other problems, like substance abuse. On those hardest days, it might be helpful to take a closer look at what is happening in the mind of a troubled teen girl with ADHD.

Here are 5 things that troubled teen girls with ADHD may deal with on a daily basis:


Unorganized and Poor Time Management Skills

Teenage girls with ADHD may a difficult time in staying organized and seeing the big picture in managing their time wisely or productively. They may struggle with physical organization, like clothes or homework papers, or time organization, like planning to complete a big report. The condition of ADHD means that their brains function differently from other teens.

As a parent, you can help your teen daughter out by using checklists, gentle reminders and consistent routines.

Difficulty With Focus

Teenage girls with ADHD are often struggling with following multistep directions and may be easily distracted in class or at work. Studies show that children and teens with ADHD have a harder time imprinting the things they need to learn and it may take them longer to really learn something when compared to a more typical teen.

As a parent, you can help your teenage and working closely with teachers to ensure your teen is getting all the advantages for her ADHD.

Impatience and Impulsivity

Whether it’s waiting for a turn, waiting to the end of a class lesson or dealing with something else that requires patience, ADHD teen girls often feel frustration on a daily basis because they are easily distracted, impulsive and have a hard time resuming a task once their focus is taken off it. While boys may become physically restless, teen girls with ADHD may be more talkative, interrupt a speaker, or grow bossy with peers.

As a parent, you can help your teenage daughter with ADHD by teaching her concentration and focus skills, helping her recognize social situations where she can control the duration of her wait times and review social skills that will help her stay on good terms with teachers and peers.

Teen girls with ADHD go through every day with a different view on the world and as a parent, it can help her know you have her back and are there to support her when she struggles. Teens with ADHD are more likely to develop anxiety or depression, so a strong support system is critical in ensuring they are able to be successful as they navigate school, work, friends and family relationships.

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