Teen Sexual Deviance

Parents often hesitate to talk to their teens about sex, because it is such a taboo topic and makes both parties feel uncomfortable. However, developing a healthy attitude toward sexuality and steering clear of deviant sexual behavior is an important part of a teen’s life. Teen sexual deviance is one of the most worrisome behaviors that parents witness in their teens. If your teenager is exhibiting deviant or violent sexual behavior, it may be time to contact the experts at Help Your Teen Now for advice.

Sexual deviancy alludes to atypical sexual practices that are not considered healthy or can otherwise damage a teen’s developing attitudes toward sexuality and relationships. When teens develop misconceptions about sexuality, it can lead to greater issues with shame, guilt, acting out, depression and co-dependency. Society is growing more tolerant of sexual freedom and healthy sexual expression is an important part of growing up and transitioning to the adult world. However, teen sexual deviance can quickly put a teenager on the wrong path.

Sexually deviant behavior may be difficult for some parents to define, but adolescent psychologists define certain behaviors as normal and others as deviant. Completely normal sexual behaviors for teens include masturbation, exploring bodies with others around the same age and a curiosity about sex that may include some light pornography encounters. Parents should view these normal behaviors as part of a teen’s growing interest in sex and teach appropriate boundaries as well as what a healthy sexual relationship looks like.

Shame, guilt and fear should never be associated with normal sexual behavior so teens can develop a positive sexual identity. Parents often do more damage than good when they discover their teen is engaging in normal sexual behavior when instead they should be setting the example of what is appropriate and having discussions on healthy and mature attitudes toward sex. With good examples and loving discussions, parents can help teens develop healthy sexual attitudes and practices that will enable them to form intimate, loving relationships. Whether heterosexual or homosexual, teens need significant guidance in this area.

Deviant sexual behavior includes a warped sexual identity and perception of sex in general. Deviant sexual behavior in teens includes repeated incidents of exposing themselves to others, inappropriate sexual contact with other children, sexual bullying, harassment, violence either of a sexual nature or not, and pornography use that is addictive, hardcore, or fetisistic.

It’s important for parents to interfere with sexually problematic behavior early to correct the current imbalance before the behaviors lead to big problems. Parents must realize that if deviant sexual behavior in teens remains untreated, the consequences can quickly become serious. That’s why Help Your Teen Now is an excellent resource for parents seeking to help their teens overcome sexually deviant behaviors.

When it comes to helping parents find the best adolescent therapy programs for teens, Help Your Teen Now is the best resource out there. This parent advocate group is not associated with any program or rehabilitation center, so the advice and guidance they give are completely unbiased. Contact Help Your Teen Now for a free consultation via phone and get your teenager the help they need.

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