Take-Home Techniques for Your Son After a Successful Stay at a Troubled Teen Boarding School

Take-Home Techniques for Your Son After a Successful Stay at a Troubled Teen Boarding School

Dealing with teens presents various stressors, especially when he deals with behavioral problems. However, if you don’t step in, these issues can escalate out of control until he gets into trouble with the law. You will need to take intentional and proactive measures. One solution to his behavioral issues might be a simple intervention or even placement in specialized boarding schools, which focus on behavioral treatment to improve your son’s connection with the family along with reinforcing positive behaviors. After treatment, your son will need a strict aftercare program to maintain his improved behavior. For additional information, consider reviewing courses that can assist you if you need help with your troubled teen or if you are confused on how to proceed or where to begin.

Proactive Steps for Parents

These specialized schools can greatly improve a teen’s behavior, but you will likely have a lot of questions once aftercare begins. Parents sometimes struggle as to what to do with their teen once they finish their treatment and how to proceed in maintaining the successful behavior.

The first and probably most important step is communicating with your son, discussing his goals and assisting him in accomplishing them through solid planning that will promote success and dissuade him from taking risks. This will help him maintain what he learned in treatment. In addition, use the following:

  • Discuss feelings with him.
  • Empathize with your child’s feelings.
  • Never minimize his feelings.
  • Promote strength and compassion.
  • Discuss any possible behavioral issues.
  • Ask constructive and open-ended questions.
  • Address any fears and their causes.
  • Admit your mistakes and ask forgiveness.
  • Recognize and address feelings that seem out of character.

Help with Choosing a Career Path

Discuss options, such as finding a successful job or going to college. Emphasize the importance of delayed gratification. For example, he should consider any job opportunities that might not pay off immediately but that would promise a successful future. These might include apprenticeships, internships and subsidized employments, which can help him build a productive future and give him something to look forward to.

He might also consider college to help him prepare for a more promising job with even more options. This will also allow your teen to build a network of social avenues to increase his success in life, creating a well-rounded adult.

If you son needs continued support to overcome addiction issues, he can attend free 12-step groups, such as Nar-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous. Inpatient treatment for prescription medications or illegal drugs can help him continue to maintain his behavioral wellness. Address these options before he comes home from the therapeutic boarding school so that he is prepared upon his release.

Therapeutic boarding schools can provide the stability and growth needed to renew your son’s outlook on life and guide him toward the path to success. Follow-up aftercare support via an effective program plan will help maintain a successful recovery along with positive behaviors.

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