Residential Therapeutic Boarding Schools vs. Wilderness Camps – Experience a Little of Each

Residential Therapeutic Boarding Schools vs. Wilderness Camps – Experience a Little of Each

Many parents have a difficult time deciding if a residential therapeutic boarding school or a wilderness camp is best for their teenage son. At Liahona Academy, we don’t believe parents should have to choose. We have combined the best of both of these troubled teen boy programs into one.

Situated perfectly in Southern Utah at Zion National Park, Liahona Academy offers a modern environment with a campus and area with plenty of enriching activities.

All teen boys enrolled in a program at Liahona Academy benefit from:

  • Individualized academics to stay on path in school while away from home.
  • Individual and group therapy to understand and resolve inner issues causing them to choose a detrimental path in life.
  • Courses and seminars for personal development that help foster the skills necessary to deal with life’s challenges as an adolescent and adult someday.
  • Behavior evaluations to guide teenagers, as they relearn how to behave properly in many situations.
  • Fitness and nutrition education to provide them with a solid foundation to feel their best and benefit from good health.
  • Group activities to develop skills in leadership, working in groups, and trust. These group activities include hiking, swimming, fishing and waterskiing.

As you probably noticed, the first several benefits of Liahona are typical of residential therapeutic boarding schools, but the last one is much different. It’s more like the experience of wilderness camps.

About Wilderness Camps

Wilderness camps offer teenage boys an opportunity to appreciate nature, and learn how to gain as much as they can from it. It shows them there’s more to the world than technology, drugs, alcohol, and the influence of peers. It helps them see that hard work and outdoor activities can offer much more than any inappropriate or illegal behaviors can in the long run.

Troubled teens have a difficult time seeing beyond the world they have created around them – a world where arguments flourish, peers are right and what matter most, and drugs, alcohol and sex are what is fun. With a program that combines therapy and an appreciation for nature, your teenage son can start to detangle his thoughts and beliefs, and change them to be accepted by society.

If activity and therapy seem to be the best approach for your son, please contact Liahona Academy for troubled teen boys by calling 1-800-675- 8101. We are committed to the rehabilitation of adolescent boys, so they can grow up to be productive, happy, and successful adults.

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