Requesting Help From Older Siblings to Lead Your Teenager Out Of Trouble

Requesting Help From Older Siblings to Lead Your Teenager Out Of Trouble

We all know that when it comes to our advice, our teens are deaf. When they begin to get into trouble it is frustrating watching them ignore everything you say, refusing to follow any directions or pay attention to warnings. What do you do when they are getting further and further into dangerous situations and you are at the end of your rope?

Sometimes you have to defer the job to someone else. Older siblings, especially those who have struggled and overcome trouble in the past, may be just what your teen needs to move away from the risky behaviors they are taking part in.

Approaching The Topic

Approaching the topic isn’t necessarily a comfortable thing to do. Sometimes getting a script from a professional source that helps you to communicate the problem with your older children can help, so they know how to speak to their sibling.

Whatever you decide, be open and honest about your anxieties and what behaviors are worrying you. Ask your older children to spend some time with their sibling and discuss things.

Emphasizing The Benefits Of Work

Another tactic is to live by example, which includes your older children. If they are in school, for instance, they can talk about how amazing college is and how much their younger sibling should be working to get into it. If they have a job they can talk about how much better it is to be independent and to stay away from the drama that comes with trouble.

Building a positive work ethic is so much easier with an influence who can show them the ropes.

Creating a Stronger Family

Your teen’s older siblings may be able to help your entire family become a stronger unit. They can provide the same advice you would but from a source that isn’t immediately ignored. Better communication means your teen may find it easier to open up to you. Before long you may start to see a general improvement in how you all interact.

Getting Professional Help

Sadly this isn’t always enough to lead your teen off the path they are on. In that case you may need professional help to get through to your child. This could be a challenge for the entire family, requiring therapy, classes and maybe even more direct and extreme intervention.

You can find out more at Help Your Teen Now, including resources on talking to your teen about the many modern issues facing young people in the world today.

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