Parents Find Comfort Sending Their Teen to Residential Schools For Troubled Boys

Parents Find Comfort Sending Their Teen to Residential Schools For Troubled Boys

The teenage years pose difficulties for even the most stable child, but when a young man has extra challenges in addition to the pressures of everyday life, navigating through the conflicts alone may be close to impossible. Often counseling and traditional treatment programs fail, and parents are left feeling frustrated and hopeless, afraid for their son and what his future might hold. Residential schools for troubled boys might provide just the answer that worried parents are seeking. Parents can find comfort by sending their troubled son to the right residential school that meets his particular needs and those of the family, especially since they have many options from which to choose.

Features of a Residential School

Some families with an underachieving adolescent choose a military school which boasts the following features:

  • Traditional, college preparatory academics
  • Rigorous physical exercise
  • Strict discipline and
  • A structured program to develop his character.

A parent whose child is unmotivated, has poor study habits or is acting out in inappropriate ways may find that the stringent environment of a military residential school is just what their child needs. Many military schools train and prepare youth for a military career and help instill a strong work ethic, accountability for choices and a productive attitude. Parents must fully evaluate their son and his unique situation to make an informed choice because military schools do not meet the needs of every teen. Because the best military residence programs stress academic excellence, students struggling with learning disabilities, such as ADHD or dyslexia, might not meet the requirements for these programs. Also, teens dealing with emotional or medical problems, such as depression, substance abuse issues, or eating disorders, would not fare well in a military-like setting where the focus is on discipline rather than therapy.

When Parents Might Need to Seek Other Options

Undiagnosed conditions, such as learning disabilities, mental or psychological disorders, or medical problems, often contribute to a troubled teen’s unhealthy situation for years. Parents may have tried traditional counseling or therapy to change their at-risk teen’s behavior with little or no success, not realizing that until a proper diagnosis is made, change is next to impossible. By this point, the entire family has been through a long, grueling ordeal. Parents have experienced a wide range of emotions including grief, anger, embarrassment, fear, and despair, and their struggling son has dealt with failure, disappointment and frustration. For a family facing these familiar circumstances, a therapeutic residential school may provide just the right choice for their troubled adolescent. Each therapeutic center includes the following licensed and trained professionals:

  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Counselors
  • Therapists and sometimes even
  • Therapy animals.

Help for Desperate Parents

For tired and desperate parents, finding a place where their distressed son can learn new methods of coping with stress, hurt and anger is a godsend. A troubled teenage young man, acting out because of underlying medical, psychological or emotional issues, can find the solutions that he so desperately needs at a residential boarding school.

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