Manual Labor Helps Struggling Girls

Manual Labor Helps Struggling Girls

If you have a daughter who is engaged in defiant behavior, including curfew violations, substance abuse, angry outbursts, gang activity, juvenile delinquency, violence and similar dangerous behavior, you might wonder what course of action you should take. A commonly overlooked option — manual labor — might prove to be just the solution you need to turn your struggling girl around and start her on a new path to success.

The Benefits of Hard Work for Teens

Teens who work hard experience many benefits, including the following:

  • Hard work helps girls empathize with others, which helps them create personal happiness.
  • They wear themselves out physically, which encourages a healthy body and improved fitness. In turns, this helps promote great sleep habits.
  • Hard work teaches girls persistence and the importance of seeing a job through to the end. This life skill will benefit them later, no matter what they decide to do in the future.
  • They learn how to plan. Hard work teaches them the value of time and making the most of it. If they waste time at chores or at a job, they won’t have time to spend on recreational activities.
  • Manual labor can teach girls that they are compensated when they finish a job. They will learn that their actions directly affect their income.
  • Hard work helps girls appreciate the satisfaction of a job well-done. This builds their self-esteem as they realize that they are able to accomplish tasks they never dreamed possible.
  • Manual labor and hard work teaches girls responsibility and problem-solving skills. They have to figure out solutions to the sticky problems that arise when they work.

Manual Labor and the Impact on School

Hard work can also mean improved scholastic performance. Girls learn that they can experience the same sense of accomplishment they feel after a job well-done by applying themselves in school. This helps them develop confidence in their academic studies and further prepares them for a successful future.

Manual Labor at Juvenile Facilities

In some cases, your struggling teen might not be motivated through your actions alone. She might need the outside influence of a treatment program to redirect her path. Some juvenile facilities, typically boot camps, expect teen girls to adhere to a regimented schedule modeled after a military boot camp. This includes physical exertion, drills, strict regulations and manual labor. The girls arise early each day with planned activities to keep them occupied. If they misbehave, consequences often include physical labor.

Some boot camps also include rehabilitation in their programs along with group counseling and academic classes. However, the emphasis is generally on manual labor and physical exertion. Proponents of these programs believe that the emphasis on manual labor teaches the girls the value of hard work.

If you are looking for ways to motivate a struggling girl, consider the value of manual labor. She will reap the rewards both now and for years to come.

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