It’s Not What You Think: Myths About Military School For Troubled Teens Debunked

Troubled Teens Debunked

When we look at our military service members, we see hard-working individuals who are orderly and dependable. This is why many parents consider sending their difficult teen to a military school for behavior modification. The idea is that a little tough love and a structured schedule will set out kids in order. However, we have found that forcing a change in behavior isn’t an effective approach to making real, lasting changes.

Myth: Behavior Can Be Changed By Force

If your teen is acting out, forcing a change in their behavior is the same as using a bandaid for a wound that needs stitches. It does nothing to help the underlying issue causing the behavior. In fact, forcing a change in behavior (most often done by yelling, punishing, shaming, etc) is not only a temporary solution, it often leads to more complicated feelings of frustration, self doubt, shame, and therefor, resuming bad behavior once the bandaid falls off.

Myth: Military Schools Are Your Only Option

If you’re looking for a military school for your teen, it’s likely because you’ve tried just about everything else you can think of and you’re desperate for a solution. It turns out there are a few residential treatment options for your troubled youth. It’s a hard decision between military school, boot camps, and therapeutic treatment centers. But remember, you do have options.

Myth: Military Schools Are More Affordable

The average cost of a youth military school is $30,000 – $40,000 per year. Therapeutic programs for youth that are more effective in helping them overcome behavioral and emotional issues vary in price. But there are much less expensive programs available in the therapeutic sector for youth. The least expensive therapeutic boarding school is likely to be more effective in creating change in your troubled teen that lasts a lifetime. Additionally, many families find that health insurance can help to offset the cost of a residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school.

Youth Residential Treatment Centers and Therapeutic Boarding Schools

In a therapy focused program offered by youth residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools, teens are in an environment that fosters emotional growth and real behavioral change. They’re taught tools they can use throughout their lives to manage their emotions. They also receive the added benefit of a structured schedule, boundaries, and clear expectations for their participation in activities, therapy, academia, and more.

We’re happy to help parents faced with picking a program for their troubled teen. Call Help Your Teen Now today to gain more insights into many beneficial solutions around the country.

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