Is A Pornography Addiction Affecting Your Teen’s Success In School?

Is A Pornography Addiction Affecting Your Teen's Success In School?

Your teenage son or daughter has been performing poorly in school lately and you are worried. Although they are spending more time online, claiming to be studying, this extra effort doesn’t translate to better grades.

Their sudden attachment to their computers could have more to do with discovering porn than catching up on their studies. Teen porn addiction is a huge problem these days and your teenager could be hooked.

Teens And Exposure To Porn

Thanks to the internet and the proliferation of smartphones and personal computers, more teens today are exposed to porn than ever before. A study conducted by the University of New Hampshire indicates that most youth are first exposed to porn between the ages of 14 and 17. Since teen’s brains are still developing, they are more susceptible to the chemical rush that comes with viewing pornography, making it easy for them to get addicted.

Online porn is just as easy to access as it is to hide so parents must be more vigilant if they want to minimize their teen’s exposure to it.

3 Ways Porn Addiction Affects Your Teen’s School Performance

It is important not to dismiss your teenager’s habit of viewing porn as harmless. What might have started out as simple curiosity about sex can become an addiction which snowballs to a host of different problems including a decrease in academic performance.

Here is how porn mainly affects your teen’s success in school:

  1. It causes a lack of concentration. Teens who regularly watch porn are more likely to be distracted by sexual thoughts which interfere with their concentration in class, leading to dismal performance. Additionally, lessons can seem boring compared to the excitement derived from porn, making it even more difficult to concentrate on them.
  2. It affects working memory. Scientists discovered that viewing internet porn can diminish working memory. Working memory is the ability to hold information in your mind while using it to complete a certain task. As such, teens who are porn addicts tend to have problems with problem-solving, reasoning and comprehension, all of which are necessary to succeed in school.
  3. It leads to low motivation. Spending too much time watching porn can leave your teen feeling unmotivated to not only study but also interact with their peers. The compulsion to watch explicit online content can be so great that it causes them to neglect their schoolwork.

Get Your Teen The Help They Need

If your teen is addicted to porn, they’ll need serious help to overcome the problem. Help Your Teen Now has vast experience dealing with such situations. We can assist you to find the right therapeutic treatment program to help your son or daughter break free of their addictions. Call us on 1-800-901-7347 today to learn more about our services and get the best solution for your situation.

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