How to Trick Your Teen Into Talking to You

How to Trick Your Teen Into Talking to You

As teens enter the tumultuous stage of adolescence, many of them isolate themselves. It could be their body and mind are just too overwhelmed with all of the changes, so they can’t seem to handle anything else. Unfortunately, isolating is one of the worst ways to handle this time in life. Isolation causes teens to become depressed. It can do the same for parents who love them.

If this sounds like what you’re dealing with right now, there is hope. The following tips can trick your teen into talking to you.

Be Available

You may have told your teen to talk to you. You may have asked questions that were left unanswered. However, all you really need to do is be available. This means being around your teen as much as possible without being overbearing. For example, if your teen is watching television, join him or her. Don’t say anything in particular – just be there.

When your teen makes a comment about the show, simply respond to it. With time, the comments will turn to conversations. Just be patient.

Spend Time with Your Teen

Take your teen out to do something he or she enjoys. If your teen likes to go to the mall, take her there and have a good time with her. As you are shopping, she will likely talk about some of the clothes and then that can lead to conversations about her friends, school, etc.

The same goes for teen boys. Spend time playing basketball, throw a baseball or football around, and just have fun. As you are playing, you may find he will talk about something that is on his mind.

Ask for an Opinion

Teens want to feel valuable. You can show yours this by asking him or her about what they think about something. For example, if you’re thinking of buying new furniture, ask what he or she thinks would look best. This works well if you take the suggestion. As you show your teenager how much you value the input, he or she may come to you with the same request for an opinion.

Text Your Teen

Teens are all about texting these days. You can usually get a lot more information through a text message than a conversation. When your teen is away from home, text him or her to ask about the day. You will likely receive a better response than in person.

Patience is a Virtue – Use It When Tricking Your Teen

The mistake many parents make when trying to get their teen to talk is nagging. Demanding a conversation won’t satisfy you. What you want is for your teen to come to you voluntarily. Sometimes, it takes time for a teen to open up. Use the suggestions above and try them more than a few times. In time, you will see they work.

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