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The Benefits Of Sending Your Son To An All-Boys Boarding School for Troubled Boys

Have you been trying to help your troubled son but feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall? Have you been through therapy, group therapy, school intervention programs, at risk programs and even the courts, but things just keep getting worst? When your son struggles with behavioral programs, whatever they are caused […]

Financing Troubled Teen Schools For Boys

Having a troubled teenage boy at home can cause a lot of strain on the family, both emotionally and financially. Therapy sessions, group homes, hospital stays…the costs add up. Which doesn’t even take into account the financial responsibility when they get into the legal side of things, which falls to you as parents. At this […]

Common Misconceptions About Boarding Schools

No matter if its a boarding school for troubled teens or any other kind of boarding school, there are some common misconceptions surrounding boarding schools. We want to set the record straight and clear up the myths around boarding schools. Boarding Schools Are For Parents Who Don’t Want To Parent The entertainment industry has often […]

5 Key Ways Teens Push Back on Strict Step Parents

No matter what event led to your becoming a step parent (divorce, death, prior birth outside of wedlock), it’s a major adjustment for everyone involved. Any time you take a group of people and blend them into a family, to call it a challenge is a big understatement. When there are teenagers in the household, […]

4 Things Your Aggressive Teen Does to Work You Up and How to Soften the Attacks

Teens are argumentative and some are even violent. Parenting teens like this can be highly frustrating and downright frightening. To get back control over the situation, learn how your teen manipulates and how you can dodge the blows he’s throwing your way. Emotional Stabs for Approvals Teens know exactly what buttons to push to make […]

How Most Parents Will Get Parenting Absolutely Wrong This Year

Parenting is the hardest thing you will ever do. No one does it perfectly. Mistakes abound at every turn as children grow and develop into adults. However, some mistakes can be simply avoided by just knowing what NOT to do. As your thinking of ways to improve your parenting, consider these wrongs that most parents […]

Removing Your Son From Troubling Social Settings To Receive Appropriate Help

Is your son on the wrong track? Does he spend too much time doing the wrong things and with the wrong people? This is a common problem for many parents. Troubled boys often seek out risky behaviors with people who can provide the emotional charge they crave. Understanding what drives them to engage in these […]

How Parents Can Understand the Lessons Their Teens Learn While Away from Home in a Residential Treatment Program

Parents worry about continuing the lessons their teen learns while away at a residential treatment program. They have spent their hard earned money on the program, and they’ve had to endure not having their teen with them for months. The last thing they want to do is have their son or daughter revert to old […]

Considering Out of State Treatment for the Best Help for Teenagers

You’ve tried everything in your local area to help your teen – switching schools, moving, and therapists. Now, you’re left with the only option you haven’t tried – out of state treatment. Out of state therapeutic boarding school is a viable option for many teenagers who need to get back on track. According to Sean […]

Behavior Flags that Mean It’s Time to Send Your Teen to a Behavior Modification School

Are you having a hard time deciding if boarding school is right for your teen? If so, you’re not alone. The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) reports sending children to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen is one of the most difficult decisions parents will make in their life. Usually, the […]

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