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​Modeling Healthy Use of Technology to Your Teens

Technology is everywhere and our children are growing up with it being a natural part of their daily lives. It is critical that we as parents teach them good habits involved with technology to prepare them to live a healthier life in the real world. Here are some tips for healthy habits with technology we […]

​10 Lessons Your Teen Boy Can Learn From America’s Founding Fathers

In residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding programs it is crucial that the right lessons be taught alongside the life and coping skills that get a teenager through their crisis. Where those lessons come from varies. But a favorite source is the Founding Fathers, who can teach many lessons of which your troubled teen can […]

​What’s Needed To Enroll In A Boarding School for Troubled Boys

Therapy isn’t working. The medication only seems to improve some of the symptoms, not the overall behaviors. The school is threatening expulsion, the police know the names of your family by heart and you are at your wits end. Dealing with a troubled teenage boy is extremely stressful and disheartening. Just when you think progress […]

​6 Ways Your Son Can Benefit From A Troubled Teen School

No one wants to consider sending their son away to a boarding school. It seems like such an extreme measure and anyway, you want them at home. But at a certain point it becomes obvious that home isn’t the best environment for them and something has to be done to ensure they are secure and […]

A Troubled Teen School Might Be The Best Opportunity For Your Son

With a teenage son who is struggling to abide by family and societal rules, parents often look at many troubled teen programs as they look for something to help their child. One such program is a troubled teen school, which specifically focuses on helping troubled teens make better choices in their lives. What Troubled Teen […]

Building A “Better You” At A Boarding School For Troubled Teens

Many parents are aware of the overt objectives of a boarding school for troubled teens, which is primarily to provide treatment for struggling teens. However, there are less obvious objectives which can be achieved at a boarding school for troubled teens. Namely, the goal of assisting the troubled teens in building up a better version […]

The Benefits Of Sending Your Son To An All-Boys Boarding School for Troubled Boys

Have you been trying to help your troubled son but feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall? Have you been through therapy, group therapy, school intervention programs, at risk programs and even the courts, but things just keep getting worst? When your son struggles with behavioral programs, whatever they are caused […]

Financing Troubled Teen Schools For Boys

Having a troubled teenage boy at home can cause a lot of strain on the family, both emotionally and financially. Therapy sessions, group homes, hospital stays…the costs add up. Which doesn’t even take into account the financial responsibility when they get into the legal side of things, which falls to you as parents. At this […]

Common Misconceptions About Boarding Schools

No matter if its a boarding school for troubled teens or any other kind of boarding school, there are some common misconceptions surrounding boarding schools. We want to set the record straight and clear up the myths around boarding schools. Boarding Schools Are For Parents Who Don’t Want To Parent The entertainment industry has often […]

5 Key Ways Teens Push Back on Strict Step Parents

No matter what event led to your becoming a step parent (divorce, death, prior birth outside of wedlock), it’s a major adjustment for everyone involved. Any time you take a group of people and blend them into a family, to call it a challenge is a big understatement. When there are teenagers in the household, […]

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