How To Enroll Your Son In A School For Troubled Teens

Every year, two millions teenagers are arrested for various crimes. This is a tough sittuation for any parent, but it is all the more vivid for those who have teenagers struggling with behavioral issues.

Whether your teen is engaging in illegal activity, struggling with depression or mental illness, has been diagnosed with a personality disorder or is clawing their way from the grip of past trauma, they don’t have to end up incarcerated. There are still options for families who feel like they have tried everything and one of the best is therapeutic boarding school.

What Is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

This is an institution that takes two approaches to treating troubled teens. The first is addressing the behavioral side with therapy, behavioral modification, coping strategies and possibly medication, provided by trained medical staff, to address various concerns your son may be facing. They will also be engaging with other teens facing the same issues, learning empathy and supporting one another as they grow.

Second, there is a program for academic tutoring and improvement. Students who have struggled to keep up can get caught up to their peers and prepare themselves for their future career goals. These boarding schools are accredited have provide on-site teachers, tutors and administrators specially trained to handle troubled teens and their unique needs.

For many parents, the idea of a boarding school seems like an extreme option. But the benefit of an inpatient rehabilitation environment mixed with an academic institution provides teens the tools and setting they need to thrive and overcome their struggles.

How Do I Enroll My Son In One of These Schools?

The first step is finding the right one for you. Sundance Canyon Academy is an institution located in Utah. We offer various programs catering to the interests of our students, including music therapy, art therapy and culinary arts training. Our program is aimed at boys between the ages of 13 – 17 and the average length of treatment is six to nine months.

Family involvement is encouraged, with scheduled visits and regular communication home. You will be kept aware of your son’s progress and provided a plan for continued treatment after he arrives back home. We are fully committed to helping you and your teen every step of the way.

So if you have been fighting what feels like a losing battle it is time to seek more thorough help. A school for troubled teens may be just what your son needs to break free of his struggles and begin life on the road to recovery.

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