Helping Your Troubled Teen: Improving Grades At A Therapeutic Boarding School

It can be discouraging to attend parent-teacher conferences over and over due to a troubled teen’s poor grades. When a teen doesn’t want to put in the effort to change and improve their circumstances, there is sometimes very little a parent can do. Also, a negative change in academics is often accompanied by other problematic behaviors.

If you are struggling to help your troubled teen improve their grades, then you may need the more intensive help a therapeutic boarding school can offer.

Grade Improvement Options For Troubled Teens

There can be a surprising number of options when looking for ways to help your teen improve their grades. Depending on your own schedule and finances, some of these will be more feasible than others.

  • Summer school – Sending teens to summer school is a common way to improve grades after the fact. There are several downsides to this choice, from having to schedule family trips around summer school to your teen being exposed to some of the worst students in the school, as they are likely also in summer school.
  • Held back in school – While being held back in elementary school has few social consequences, a middle or high schooler who fails to progress with their peers is put in a socially difficult position. The teasing or even bullying which may result from holding your teen back may cause them to turn more toward troubled behaviors.
  • Homeschooling – Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to obtain legal homeschooling status. Even if you can easily withdraw your troubled teen, the burden of their entire education falls onto your family and most heavily on the parent who stays home to teach.
  • Tutoring – While tutoring can be an excellent option for students who are struggling with school but willing to learn, it can be less effective with a troubled teen. Many choose to rebel further and refuse to work with their tutors.
  • Therapeutic boarding school – Equipped with fully accredited academic programs, therapeutic boarding schools are used to working with teens with poor academic records. These schools tend to employ more teachers per students and class sizes are small so teens can receive the help they need.

Teens Can Improve More In Supportive Atmosphere

Rather than picking just any old boarding school, a therapeutic boarding school can make all the difference. As the root of a troubled teen’s behavior is not academics but some unsolved issue within the teen, pairing therapy with schooling only makes sense.

Therapeutic boarding schools, whether for troubled boys or troubled girls, build individualized care plans which cover everything from the needed therapy, nutrition needs, academic standing, and more so the troubled teen receives a well-rounded therapeutic solution. In this supportive atmosphere, it is possible for teens to make the emotional, mental, and physical progress that they hadn’t been able to prior to attending the school.

Picking A Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Troubled Teen

There is a variety of therapeutic boarding schools out there and some will be a better fit for you than others. To help you sort through your options, we run a free troubled teen placement counseling service. We have years of industry experience to offer, so if you feel you could benefit from our help, contact us today.

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