Grade Repair Opportunities in Residential Treatment Centers for Teen Boys

When you choose to send your troubled son to a residential treatment center, you don’t want him to fall behind academically. Not only can this affect your son’s future plans but also undermine the help he receives from being in a residential treatment program.

Improve Academics And Help Change Troubled Teens

While it would be healthier if teens did not compare themselves to each other, most will compare themselves to their peers. Grades are one of the easiest ways for teens to compare against each other since most of them have to take the same classes. If you son is performing poorly in school, this can affect everything from his participation in extracurriculars to his class placement.

In the years we have been working with troubled teens, we have found that helping them improve academically has been a key part of their therapeutic treatment. One of the ways we help them improve prior poor grades is through credit recovery in our accredited educational program.

Choose An Accredited School For Grade Repair Help

Some programs offer academics which will result in your son earning a G.E.D. instead of a high school diploma. This can present several problems.

  • Stigma attached – There can be a stigma attached to receiving a G.E.D. rather than a high school diploma. Some employers may think the holder was not dedicated enough to receive a high school diploma and the military has a restriction on how many G.E.D. holders they can accept.
  • Lacks grade repair – Residential treatment programs which offer G.E.D.s cannot offer grade repair to their students, as they are likely not accredited programs. Otherwise, they would offer diplomas.
  • Cannot transition back – If you want your son to be able to transition back into a regular high school or middle school, he will not be able to transfer any educational credit from programs which only offer G.E.D.s.

Because of the problems non-accredited programs present, Liahona Academy has made it a point to receive accreditation. With our educational program fully accredited, we can help your son repair his grades so he can rejoin the rest of his peers and receive his high school diploma the same as them.

Work With All Educational Needs

With a properly accredited program, Liahona Academy accommodates all different educational needs. If your son has an IEP or a 504 plan, he will not be excluded from grade repair opportunities. We have 8 state-licensed teachers with 4 certified tutors, so we can meet the staffing requirements for the most strenuous educational plan.

Should your son be in need of grade repair as well as personalized therapy, contact the placement advisers at Help Your Teen Now to find out which programs would be best for your teen.

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