Equine Therapy Makes Change For Families Broken By Troubled Teens

Equine Therapy Makes Change For Families Broken By Troubled Teens

As a parent or caregiver, there are fewer challenges you’ll face in life than watching your teenager struggle with emotional, mental or behavioral health issues. These types of roadblocks can hinder relationships and make it difficult for the teen to cope with everyday tasks and the world that confronts them.

Watching your teen combat these demons can at times feel like a helpless, exhausting effort. Perhaps you have spent hours pleading or arguing to no avail. Perhaps you feel exasperated and hopeless. Fortunately, there is help available. And though you may have likely tried a slew of methods and strategies in the past to overcome your teen’s troubles, knowing what works best can be confusing and frustrating. One unique method you may not have tried is equine therapy.

Equine or Horse Therapy

Equine therapy involves teens interacting with horses. Through this interaction, the defiant teen learns to control his or her emotions and how to communicate more effectively without losing their temper.

When the teen begins working with the horses, he or she will discover how horses respond to commands, how they follow instructions and how they learn. Because horses use body language to communicate, the teens will learn to observe closely and how to trust. Not only will the teens develop the ability to interact with horses, but, more importantly, they will learn how to transfer those skills to their relationships with parents, friends, peers, teachers and others.

Equine therapy for teens with various challenges is becoming more and more prevalent. It is used at facilities around the U.S. and has proven to be effective in helping to heal broken spirits, wounded hearts and battered relationships.

The wonderful thing about equine therapy is that it can help young people who are struggling with a multitude of issues. These include depression and low self-esteem, ADHD, autism and a variety of behavioral disorders. If you have found that your teen has become nearly impossible to communicate with, equine therapy is a wonderful way to show him or her how to listen, how to be gentle, how to be patient and how to delay the need for gratification. Even teens who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol can benefit from this treatment.

All parents and caregivers experience times when they need a little extra help. Consider equine therapy as a way to help your teen experience the refreshing healing that comes with renewed confidence. It’s never too late to introduce your loved one to this effective treatment.

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