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Sending Your Teen to a Working Ranch Instead of Jail

Troubled teens are committing crimes at an alarming rate. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 13% of violent crime arrests and 22% of property crime arrests were people who were under the age of 18. In 2010, there were 784 juveniles arrested for murder, 2,198 were arrested for forcible rape, and 35,001 […]

How Your Son Will Handle His Anger After Attending A Boys Ranch

Any parent has had a son lose his temper or display fits of anger from time to time. It’s a normal reaction that shouldn’t cause great concern. When these emotional outbursts do cause problems, however, is when they are frequent, consistent and are violent. If your son’s anger is leading to extreme behavior and even […]

Equine Therapy Makes Change For Families Broken By Troubled Teens

As a parent or caregiver, there are fewer challenges you’ll face in life than watching your teenager struggle with emotional, mental or behavioral health issues. These types of roadblocks can hinder relationships and make it difficult for the teen to cope with everyday tasks and the world that confronts them. Watching your teen combat these […]

6 Ways To Relieve Frustration With Out Exploding on Your Loved Ones

Frustration is one of the most difficult emotions to conquer, and if its left unattended, it can turn into anger. After awhile, frustration builds up and fuels a huge blow up on those you love most. This is particularly common for parents of difficult teenagers. When teens act defiantly or engage in other distressing behaviors, […]

Is My Teens Behavior Normal? Statistics On Teen Behavior

Parenting is hard, particularly when you have a teenager or two in your household. The changes in your children’s hormones can lead them to act out in some pretty peculiar ways. Sometimes their strange behaviors are a normal part of growing up and other times those behaviors are a sign of something much more serious […]

How Knowing Your Son’s Friends Can Make All The Difference

When your son is a teenager, friends can have a more profound influence on his life than you may realize. In fact, he may look at his friends as more of a role model than you or other adults. It’s a part of growing up, but it means your son needs to find good friends, […]

Teen Suicide: Signs to Watch for That Could Save Your Teen’s Life

Teen suicide statistics are much higher now than they ought to be. It’s the second leading cause of death for those aged 10-24 and there are approximately 5,400 attempts every day. These statistics are frightening, but what’s perhaps even more worrisome is the fact that 80 percent of teens who attempt suicide have given clear […]

Easy Drug Access For Teens Can Harm Their Future

Drugs are everywhere! There is a good chance you might not even need to leave your desk or your home before you could find a substance which can induce euphoria. If those drugs are that close to you, they are that close to your teens too. At Arm’s Length In most homes there is a […]

What Can Your Troubled Teen Learn at a Boys Ranch?

You have tried every option that you can think of to help your struggling son, including counseling, threats, promises of rewards, restrictions and more. So far, nothing has worked, and you aren’t sure which direction to turn next. Consider a to help your adolescent get back on track. The Environment at a Boys’ Ranch A […]

What Your Teen Will Think Going To A Ranch For Troubled Teens In Arizona

As a parent, you believe that it’s time to send your child to boarding school. However, you are concerned about his reaction and the possible negative effect it might have on him. Any subtle hints that you have made that even suggest the possibility of boarding school have been met with an adverse reaction. Your […]

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