Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Today’s teens live in a very difficult environment.  They are under immense pressure to fit in with their peers, excel in school, and start acting like adults (even though they aren’t there yet).  They may also start out their teenage years with some concern over how to be popular with their social circles and still get along with their parents, or adhere to their Christian upbringing.  Unfortunately, both fitting in and pleasing their parents provides a major source of conflict for many teens, because they simply can’t do both.

This conflicted, peer-influenced environment leads all too many teenagers to fall in with the wrong crowd, become angry, skip school, and even get into drugs or other illicit behavior.  If your teen is affected by depression, anxiety, ADHD or other disorders, things can be even more difficult for both of you.

If you have tried helping your teen through counseling or other methods and it hasn’t brought results, your situation may require something more involved, such as a therapeutic boarding school specially designed for Christian students.  Though most parents find this a difficult, even agonizing decision to make, it has proved life-changing for many families.

Along with educating your teen, Christian-based therapeutic boarding schools provide a wide array of different types of therapy for each situation.  Counselors can provide your teen with the help they need for defiance, anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, ADHD, substance abuse and more.  However, because they are in a Christian environment, students also receive spiritual help and guidance blended with those therapies.  It’s a unique integration that can help your teen achieve a deep-seeded desire for good.  Traditional boarding schools with therapy are aimed at changing behaviors and attitudes.  Therapeutic Christian boarding schools change hearts as well.

Having a defiant, depressed, angry, or suffering teen affects your entire family.  The contention in your home can do permanent damage to family harmony and relationships.  If your teen is struggling and you can’t seem to find the way, there is help.  Plenty of resources are available to aid parents in locating a therapeutic Christian boarding school or other organization that can provide answers and relief.

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