Changing The Way Your Student Learns Their Curriculum at Schools for Troubled Teens


During the adolescent years, teens sometimes act out in defiance. Teenagers that deal with emotional, behavioral or social problems struggle with increased difficulty with authority, so they might struggle in traditional school settings. Many troubled teens require a highly structured environment away from their ordinary lives in order to change. When local resources are exhausted, the family might consider placement outside the home in a therapeutic boarding school. Here, teenagers can learn new skills to combat negative behavior, impulsivity and reduce stress in an educational setting. Finding the right therapeutic boarding school can make a difference in a troubled teenager’s life. With the correct fit, students will discover academic success as their individual capacities develop and grow.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Most parents will make any sacrifice necessary in order to give their child a good education. They take this responsibility seriously as they ensure that their children are placed in an educational environment that fosters growth and acceptance. Adolescents with behavioral, mental or social issues face numerous difficulties in a regular class setting. Public schools likely do not have the necessary resources to meet the demands of a troubled student. As such, these students do not succeed in regular schools. Luckily, programs designed to help your child offer viable alternatives. Several hundred programs exist for educating your child in a therapeutic setting. Therapeutic boarding schools provide behavioral and emotional therapy along with academics to help struggling adolescents get back on track.

As a parent, you might feel overwhelmed when choosing which program best meets the needs of your teenager. Therapeutic boarding schools have programs with various lengths of stay, services and program types to best meet the needs of your troubled teen. Intensive intervention encourages teens to conquer obstacles. An effective therapeutic approach is designed to help your child overcome the challenges they face and prepare them to safely return back home.

Online Classes

Some therapeutic boarding schools offer online classes, which allow students to work at their own pace. Upon entry at a therapeutic boarding school, your student might have struggled academically and even have fallen behind. This allows him or her the opportunity to work at their own pace and even catch up. In some cases, he or she might even finish classes earlier. The self-paced environment allows your child to focus on other issues that have been preventing learning. Once he or she has resolved some of these issues, they will be able to concentrate on their education.

Many therapeutic boarding schools offer effective transition via after-care so that your child can continue to succeed when they graduate from the program and return home. Online classes can help the child integrate back into a regular routine at home and school. Customized programs provide additional options to help continue the progress and skills your troubled teenager acquired at their therapeutic boarding school.

Smaller Class Sizes

Teens often struggle in public school, lost in the large class sizes. Students in traditional classroom settings often fall behind without the proper attention from a teacher. Once they fall behind, they might not catch up. Troubled students thrive in smaller group settings, which allow individualized attention and deep connections between the student and teacher. Small classes give teachers the flexibility to help students get back on track by working at their own pace. Additionally, teachers with fewer students have more time with each child. The supportive environment of a smaller setting provides an important ingredient for success. In therapeutic boarding schools, teachers present concepts in both small groups and individually to students.

Personal Attention

Many therapeutic boarding schools provide individualized programs that will support your child’s needs. A personalized education plan along with therapy and support will ensure that your teenager is receiving proper academic guidance. Therapeutic boarding schools provide a nurturing and caring environment with counseling, therapy and personal attention. Schools use clinical treatment combined with academic and behavioral support to accomplish the ultimate goal of student success .

Small family-like settings create a nurturing environment conducive to learning. Intimate environments help your troubled teen feel safe and supported. This teaches the student to become a self-directed learner and to take responsibility for their own education. They gain confidence in their academic abilities in this type of setting. Instead of the formerly unfavorable image of a traditional classroom and a negative self-image sometimes found in these classes, they learn to associate positive feelings with learning. Personalized staff encourages teens to engage in interactive discussions to help them problem solve, increase confidence and cope with their personal issues.

High School Curriculum

While each school varies in their approach to education, your teenager might rebel if the curriculum is too challenging. Therapeutic boarding schools address emotional and behavioral issues that can hinder academic growth and success. By addressing these issues, students can work at their own pace and learn through an experiential approach. Structure and scheduling allow teens to know what to expect and helps them manage their schedule. This helps keep them accountable and creates a sense of accomplishment, creating further motivation to improve and practice positive behaviors.

College Prep Courses

Many therapeutic boarding schools offer college prep courses. Once the student studies and completes a final exam, they will receive a grade for the course that they can transfer to their preferred school. Allowing the student to apply the skills and knowledge they have accumulated leads to self-confidence and feelings of satisfaction. While individualized learning plans allow the teacher to direct the learning, the student sets the pace.

The school must individually assess the needs of each adolescent before they are successfully placed in a therapeutic boarding school. Make sure that the therapeutic boarding school you choose for your child is accredited, state licensed and run by qualified individuals. If possible, visit the school beforehand and ask for all policies and promises in writing. Involved families contribute to an integral part of helping troubled teens. Effective communication with the school and your child will increase their success.

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