Bringing St. Patrick’s Day To Your Troubled Teen At A Boys’ Ranch

Holidays are a great time to send your troubled teen at a boys’ ranch a package from home. So, for this St. Patrick’s Day, consider these ideas so you can bring the holiday to your troubled son at a boys’ ranch.

Check The Boys’ Ranch Package Guidelines

As your troubled teen son receives the help he needs in at the boys’ ranch he is attending, you would not want to do anything which can put that progress back. To ensure nothing inadvertently derails your son, be sure to review any package guidelines your son’s boys’ ranch may have in place.

Focus On The Positive For Your Teen This St. Patrick’s Day

From cute leprechauns and shamrocks when your son was a child, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can take a negative sharp turn as your son ages. Many teens are caught by police every year engaging in underage drinking on this holiday. As you son is at a boys’ ranch for St. Patrick’s Day, you can avoid that particular parental scare easily and help keep his mind focused on more positive holiday messages.

This particular technique can also be applied to other holidays, both major and minor, to help bolster the positive habits and behaviors your troubled teen boy is learning.

Ideas For Your St. Patrick’s Day Package To Your Troubled Teen

Whether your son is attending a boys’ ranch with an equine therapy program or not, many of these ideas St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas will work with either environment.

  • Treats to share – While it is perfectly acceptable to send a special treat just for your son, it can be helpful to also send treats to share. It can help your troubled son break the ice with his peers, which can be essential as group therapy plays a part in your son’s treatment.
  • Send decorations – Depending on the guidelines, you may be able to send your son a few St. Patrick’s Day decorations. Small items such as a shamrock garland, a four-leaf clover, a small “pot of gold” filled with chocolate coin, and other items may be acceptable.
  • Clothing items – If allowed, you can send your teen something green. Also, this may be a good opportunity to send something your teen may need and is allowed to have such as beanies, work gloves, new socks, and more.
  • Family letters – Nothing is better for a teen away from home than to hear from their family. Gather the whole family and have everyone write an uplifting message to your troubled son, then include it in your package.

Here at Help Your Teen Now, we are committed to bringing the best and latest advice to help families struggling with a troubled teen. If your son or daughter is struggling, contact us today. We offer our help free of charge and will help you decide on what are the best options for your troubled teen.

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