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boys_ranchIs your teenage son displaying behavior that is rebellious, negative, or harmful to himself or others? Is he more aggressive and destructive than even and having problems at school and at home? If this sounds like your teen son, you really should look into a residential therapy program designed to help teens with emotional, behavioral or mental health problems. Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate group with lots of resources on all kinds of teen help programs, like therapeutic boarding schools, boot camps, wilderness camps and girls and boys ranches. If you are interested in learning more about boys ranch programs, we have extensive resources to guide you.

Please call Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7347 for a free consultation that will provide you with plenty of information on programs that help troubled teens, including boys ranches.

Why Help Your Teen Now?

When parents are dealing with researching and locating successful and reputable programs for their troubled teen sons, it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Help Your Teen Now has done all the legwork for you and we’ve compiled information on a number of programs and facilities over the years. We work with real parents and teens who have actually participated in the programs and we keep track of all the good and bad reports. Because we aren’t affiliated with any program or school, our recommendations are not biased and can be trusted.

Help Your Teen Now was started by a mother with troubled teens of her own. She realized when she needed a parent resource and information center, there wasn’t one that was unbiased and comprehensive. Today, Help Your Teen Now has helped thousands of parents and teens find the best program for their family. As parents ourselves, with lots of experience in the teen help industry, we know what you are going through. Won’t you let us work with you during this stressful and worrisome time?

Benefits of a Boys Ranch for Troubled Teens

A boys for troubled teens is program that focuses on behavior modification and is generally set in a rural environment with an emphasis on physical activity, teamwork and structure in completing chores related to agriculture, animals and more. Boys ranches are residential facilities designed to house troubled teens with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues who are engaging in risky behavior and rebellious interactions with adults and peers. For teen boys who struggle, the facilities provide everything that teens need to start down the road to recovery.

You may think that it feels too drastic to place your son at a boys ranch instead of letting him live at home, However, living away from home in a supervised, safe environment away from distractions is often the best solution for everyone. Here are just a few of the benefits of a boys ranch:

  • Caring counselors with experience working with troubled teens
  • A chance to leave behind negative habits and bad reputations and start over
  • Distance from bad friends and tensions at home
  • Positive peer pressure to improve behavior
  • Recreational activities that boost self-esteem and reward good work
  • Some boys ranches have visiting therapists to address issues
  • Often, equine therapy or other animal interaction is part of a boys ranch program
  • Opportunities for leaderships, life skills and more

It’s important to compare different ranch programs because they are not all the same in size, scope or philosophies. Different states put certain regulatory laws over the operations of teen therapy facilities, including boys ranches. Some states are quite strict, while others are not very strict. Help Your Teen Now will help you and other parents on what to look for in a program as well as what recent graduates of the program have to say.

Issues Teens Face Who Don’t Attend Ranches for Troubled Teens

Teens who are dealing with immense confusion and pain from emotional, behavioral or mental health issues often engage in risky behavior. This can be harmful to themselves or others, and in extreme cases, can leave a lasting issue that significantly affects their futures. At a boys Ranch, teens are supervised and safe from the opportunities to engage in risky behavior for the most part. It’s a wonderful way for teenage boys to focus on changing for the better and learning behaviors that will enrich their lives, not tear it down.

Here are just a few of the high-risk behaviors that teenagers often face:

  • Alcohol use
  • Binge drinking
  • Illegal and prescription drug abuse
  • Skipping school
  • Running away
  • Risky sexual activity
  • Criminal activity, like theft or vandalism
  • Self-harm
  • Suicide

So when your teenager is starting to show signs of risky behavior or is already doing things that make you worry and wonder what else he is involved in, it’s time to intervene and find a residential program that can address his needs. Help Your Teen now understands your fears and worries, and is the best place to turn when you need an expert idea or what steps you need to take to get professional help for your troubled teenage son.

Help Your Teen Now Helps Parents Find Top Boys Ranch Programs

Help Your Teen Now continues to provide unbiased information to worried parents seeking to learn more about their options when it comes to teen help programs like wilderness camps, boot camps for teens, residential treatment centers, boarding schools and ranches for troubled teens. We know it is a difficult decision to send your son off to a residential program, but we’ll help you feel at peace with your decision that it is the best thing to do to give him a chance at reaching success.

Many ranches for troubled teens have high levels of success and Help Your Teen Now can guide you toward the best programs for your son’s issues and your family’s needs. It’s You need the most complete information and best advice possible for this decision and Help Your Teen Now is the tool you need for all the best resources

Please do the right thing for your teenage son and contact Help Your Teen Nowat 1-800-901-7347 for a free consultation on teen help programs across the country.

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