Hints Your Teen May Be Facing a Mental Disorder

As your child grows into the teen years, it’s normal to see a range of behavioral changes. Some of which can be troubling. It can prove challenging to determine whether this troubling behavior is simply a part of him growing into a young adult or whether this is a serious concern that you need to […]

The Rights of a Parent of a Troubled Teen

As the parent of a troubled teen, you may be wondering just what level of decision-making responsibility your teen has over your parental decision-making rights. Teenagers begin to become more independent of their parents and create an identity separate from their parents. In most situations, parents step back from being the complete decision-makers for their […]

What Problems Do Teens See Most Amongst Their Peers?

Even the most self-assured teen can find himself influenced in one way or another by the problems that their peers are faced with. Peer pressure is more than just something printed boldly on posters encouraging kids to avoid. It is not always bold, and it is not always something that teens can simply avoid. Peer […]

Lessons for Parents of Drug Abuse Teens

Being the parent of a troubled teen who is abusing drugs can be overwhelming, and it can come with a significant amount of guilt. You may feel guilt at how your teen is behaving. You may also feel guilt that your teen’s behavior could be due to something you’ve done or said. There can be […]

Research Suggests Vaping Marijuana May Be More Harmful Than Cigarettes

According to studies by health officials, there has been a sharp increase in vaping use amongst teens and even children. This is alarming for parents, as many young people can easily hide their use of vaping products. Vaping products are often sold in sweet and appealing scents and flavors, without the harsh tell-tale cigarette smell […]

My Teen Is Hiding In Their Room. Are They Alright?

When your teen was a toddler, you would have likely done almost anything to get just a few minutes to yourself. As the teen years approach, you may start to notice that your once very clingy little one is now spending less time around you and other members of the family. You may now have […]

Set Aside Differences With Your Ex for Your Teen’s Sake

Whether your divorce took you by surprise, or it is the fresh start you’ve needed, it is going to have an impact on every member of your family. Children and teenagers can often bear the brunt of the emotional turmoil surrounding significant changes to the family dynamic. What it looks like in your family may […]

Does Your Troubled Teens Addiction Run in the Family?

Did you get your eye color from your mother? Perhaps your hair and nose hail from your father’s side of the family? So many of our physical traits and behaviors can be due to our genetics. For some, there may be an increased propensity for addictive behaviors if there is an addiction running through the […]

Recognizing if Cyberbullying is Happening Over Zoom Classes

During the Covid-19 pandemic, has quickly risen to become the go-to choice for businesses and schools to hold meetings and classes. As parents, we worry so much about our teens being bullied when they are in school. It’s easy to think that the bullying would ease up when they are spending more time at […]

Teenagers Dealing With Mental Health Issues

This piece is to help parents help their children,a lot of teenagers are struggling with mental health issues and would love to know you’re there for them,even if they don’t act like it Subtopics; •Common mental health issues teens face •How to know if your child is suffering •Why your child isn’t speaking up •How […]

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