Benefits of Alternative and Boarding Schools in California

Therapeutic and alternative boarding schools in California provide students with a support network that they may be lacking in a traditional environment. Help Your Teen Now is a big supporter of placing troubled teens in programs that are not close to the current home. In fact, don’t limit your search for an alternative and therapeutic boarding school in the state.

When a teen’s life is upside down, the big high schools are generally not equipped to really help teens who need more mental health intervention than a typical problem teen. Negative influences from bad friends are another reason to remove a teen from the current environment and put them in a therapeutic boarding school. The entire experience of a therapeutic boarding school helps teens to learn new coping skills, break bad habits, rely on professional help and gain the tools they need to transition to adulthood.

Here are just a few of the benefits of an alternative and therapeutic boarding school in California and beyond:

  • Safe and structured campus with lots of supervision, both from mentors and other peers
  • Individual and group therapy sessions with licensed counselors.
  • Leadership workshops and character building seminars to help teens evaluate their lives and learn new ways to deal with challenges.
  • Academic emphasis with licensed teachers, small classrooms and a chance to earn a high school diploma.
  • Extracurricular activities and recreation activities build self esteem, create opportunities for expression and teach teens to have fun.

Even though it may seem drastic for you to place your child in alternative and therapeutic boarding schools in California or elsewhere, its the right choice for so many reasons.

Top Teen Issues Helped by California Boarding Schools

There are a number of issues that prevent teens from succeeding in family relationships, at traditional schools and at work. Often these emotional, behavioral or mental health issues are hard to control without professional therapy on a regular basis. Common issues include ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder, depression, anxiety, adoption and attachment issues, eating disorders, low self-esteem and substance abuse.

When these emotional and behavioral issues negatively affect a teen’s life, it’s time for professional intervention. At a therapeutic boarding school, teens can get counseling help from licensed therapists with experience in working with youth. Without the safety and structure of therapeutic and alternative boarding schools in California, teens are in danger of becoming a troubling statistic.

Here are just a few of the risky behaviors that troubled teens may face:

At alternative and therapeutic boarding schools, teens will be less likely to engage in behaviors that can harm themselves or others, lead to addictions, pregnancy, STDs and even death. Help Your Teen Now is a big believer in teen help facilities as long as they are reputable and have a good success rate. Let us help you find the right program for your child so they can start healing and your family can enjoy peace once again.

Help Your Teen Now Resources Guide Parents to the Best Boarding Schools in California

As much as you want them to live at home, your troubled teen needs more than you can deliver. Often, it’s the best solution for everyone when they attend school elsewhere or even out of state. Help Your teen Now is ready to help you match the right program with your teen’s specific needs. Choosing the right school is one of the most important steps in this entire process, and you don’t have to do it alone.

When researching boarding schools in California or in other states, it’s important to compare each program because they are not all the same. Rather than starting the research from scratch, check with Help Your Teen Now’s extensive resources to narrow down all the information out there into useable pieces. For example, did you know that different states enact laws and regulations on teen therapy facilities, with some states being more strict than others? Other things you need to compare are the program costs, treatment methods, overall philosophy, success rate, references from past attendees, and much more.

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