6 Skills Every Boy Needs To Become A Man

Every boy needs to learn and know certain skills to be an effective and competent man in the world. A man feels like he needs to be prepared no matter what situation he is faced with or in and that he can handle himself to act rather than be vulnerable. Men have long been known as the protectors, procreators, and providers in the world, but in this day and age, independence is another high driving characteristic of a successful man.

1 – Converse like a Gentleman

An important skill for socialization, career progression, and self-satisfaction is the ability to converse with others. Teach boys when they are young to look others in the eyes when they are speaking, pay attention to them, and show they are actually listening to what is going on with the other person. Skills For Living socialization center in Norwell, MA, Director Katy Shamitz says, “Teach boys to make an effort to listen, because other people’s thoughts really do matter.”

2 – Tie A Tie

No grown man should be caught without the knowledge of how to tie a necktie when they are getting ready for a job interview or important event. The tie is the classic and confident fashion statement that pulls an entire look together for a man, getting respect from strangers, friends, and business allies. The necktie looks good, gives a man an extra boost of confidence, and shows he is willing to go the extra mile. Teach your son how to tie a tie so he isn’t stuck looking around for a cheezy neck-tie before a big interview.

3 – Driving and Car Maintenance

You certainly don’t want your boy growing up to be dependent on everyone else to get him to work and all the other places he and his family needs to go. Boys need to learn how to drive, including how to properly parallel park and drive on the highway to be self-reliant, independent grown men. When it comes to fixing a flat tire, changing the oil, and all the other ‘surprise!’ things that happen under the hood; a man should know how to analyze and fix these things without having to wait.

4 – Domestic Duties

Neither boys nor men have personal servants, meaning they have to do their part to take care of his personal domestic duties. These include knowing how and actually making sure to have boys do these things routinely or occasionally (such as cooking) to ensure he is able to handle his responsibilities as a man: taking out the trash, doing his own laundry, cleaning his room, doing the dishes (the old-fashioned way), and even making his own breakfast or a family dinner occasionally.

5 – Leadership

Our country needs men today more than ever who are true leaders, and not just another follower in the crowd. Take the time to encourage your boys to stay strong when their peers are making fun of them or calling them names. Strong leaders don’t just give in because everyone else is doing it. Men will continue to lead churches, organizations, this country, and families into the future.

6 – Making Tough Decisions

Little boys grow up to be men, heads of households, and caretakers of their families. Every boy will have to make some tough decisions as a man. Give him chances to grow his independence so he will continue to develop the skill necessary to prepare for those future days. Parents may need to back off, meaning, sacrifice the want to make him organize his room a certain way or the want to tell him to wear a different outfit. Let them make their own choices to enable them for the future ones that won’t be so easy.

We believe every boy has the chance to become a respectable, successful man someday. There are just some boys who need a little help to get there. With our program, we help boys identify what is leading them astray, and then help them through those issues to get back on track. Contact us today for more information about our troubled teen boy programs.

6 Skills Every Boy Needs To Become A Man

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